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1. Will it brick?


There have been reports where docks using the Switch's AV (audio/visual) ports would cause the Switch to brick. The Ultimate GameCube Adapter does not. In fact, the adapter we’ve developed works the same way as Nintendo’s GameCube adapter! Using 3rd party (non-Nintendo branded) Switch power adapters has also been shown to brick your Switch, so be sure to use Nintendo’s official Switch power adapter.

2. What is the Ultimate GameCube Adapter?

The Ultimate GameCube Adapter, originally developed by Matt Samperi from GearHawk Studio, has multiple functions. It is a convenient and portable all-in-one GameCube adapter, charging station and portable stand for the Nintendo Switch.

3. How much is it and when can I buy it?

Since this is PG's first hardware product (designed for the competitive Smash community) we’ll be using Kickstarter. We’ve been able to bring down the backer pledge to around $45! We expect our Kickstarter to go live early to mid-January, be sure to sign up for the email list to be the first to hear when it goes live and be eligible for an early bird discount when we launch!

4. Why are you making this?

We love Smash. Our staff loves Smash. We have a lot of passion for every game in Panda Global's roster, but Smash has a special place in our heart. Not many people outside of our Smash Community cares about the problems we face or are willing to solve them, so that’s why we decided to step in. We’re going to focus hard on bringing the quality and innovation that you expect from Panda Global to this new hardware for you all. Once we get there, who knows where we’ll go next!