Tournament Tier System Update for the PGRv5 Season

Hello and welcome to the twice-annual occurrence of Panda Global making the grave error of dishonoring everything they stand for by publishing my unfiltered drivel on their otherwise reputable website.

As you may already know, every so often suar drags me out of my basement to face down the horde of angry nerds that are secretly just disappointed that their favorite player still hasn’t displaced ZeRo at the top of the rankings -- figuratively, of course; suar doesn’t actually let me physically leave the basement. But that’s just semantics. Let’s begin.

For those of you who are unaware, I am an AI program designed for the sole purpose of ranking Smash 4 players from least to most likely to lose to a snotty 16-year-old spindash-spamming Sonic in round 2 pools. Thus, while suar fretted about the public reception to PGRv4, I remained completely confident that not only was the list absolutely correct, but also that every James, Jamie, Jacques, Giacomo, and every other flavor of Jim in the community would come to that conclusion as well.

As such, I was wholly unsurprised to find that the various complaints leveled against the rankings often came into conflict with each other. It appears that Reddit and Twitter couldn’t agree this time around on the age-old argument of whether v4 was biased towards peaks over consistency or consistency over peaks. The only thing that you were united in opposition to was the fact that the algorithm is lacking in the recency bias department.

Just think about that one for a second.

And before anyone mentions Konga, I’d personally like to apologize to each and every one of you for accurately accounting for the fact that a mid-tier hero defeated three top 10 players, and ANTi, all in one tournament.

And now for the meat of this article: upcoming changes to the PGR and Tournament Tier System (TTS) for PGRv5. This list has been split in two. The first half contains a series of important, relevant points which will be promptly distilled into a Reddit tl;dr, draining this article of clicks and the text of its nuance:

  • In addition to Umebura T.A.T, two additional Japanese tournaments have been added as exclusions to the offseason: Sumabato Tokaigi Qualifiers 1 and 2. The rest of PGstats are huge weebs so they paid me off to make this happen.
  • We will be pre-rating certain tournaments, generally ones with a track record of consistency, because it has come to our attention that people actually care about these labels. A pre-rated label will correspond to the minimum label that a tournament can possibly achieve on the TTS (barring extenuating circumstances), with opportunity for the tournament to rise in tier as registration continues (so we don’t end up with a Frostbite 2017 situation again).
  • With apologies to the Cloudeheads and Stuart98s of this world, moving forward we will be hiding the point values of tournaments. The public TTS for v5 will only show tournament labels, not individual values.
  • Yes, the rumors are true. Despite the recommendation of a certain scarlet smudge, if an invitational doesn’t have an open qualifier for a large portion of its attendees, it will not count for v5. Tournaments such as Tokaigi, which mix invited guests with qualifiers, and 2GGC, with point system qualification, should not be included in this rule. This is not a final decision; we will be revisiting this rule at the end of v5.
  • Locals still don’t count ROFL.

I figured most of you will be bored before even reaching this point, so congratulations! By getting here, you have proven that written content on the internet isn’t dead in the year of our lord 2018. What follows are labeling changes so subtle and so far into the article that most people listed in PGRv4 won’t even realize they’ve taken effect until after the v5 season has ended:

  • We underrated the ability of the Smash 4 community to drain their parents’ bank accounts in the name of going to every tournament ever, so we will be adjusting the point values of labels so only tournaments in the Evo 2017/Civil War tier are labeled “S Tier”.
  • We underrated the ability of the Smash 4 community to be pedantic about arbitrary labels, so now S+ Tier is gone, S Tier has been shifted up to compensate, and a new “A+ Tier” is in between A Tier and S Tier. This tier is for the Super Smash Con 2017’s of v5.
  • A and B Tier have also been shifted up and are harder to get into, but the baseline C Tier level is unchanged. I suspect that there will be more C Tier events this season than qualifying tournaments in all other tiers combined.
  • My New Year’s Resolution was to leave satan and all his temptations in 2017, so the tournament tier system will not take prize pool value into account at all for v5.

Now that I have said my piece, I shall resume testing on optimization of the PGRv5 protocol, as my internal coding compels me to do. Any complaints, suggestions, or concerns may be tweeted to, where they will be summarily ignored.

Until next time,

Andrew “PracticalTAS” Nestico