PGStats Tournament Tier System (Smash Wii U)

Following the release of the PGRv2, the PGstats team has been focused on increasing the transparency of our methods to the community. A lot of confusion from last season came from determining the importance and weight certain tournaments held going into the PGR. That’s why the PGStats team is excited to announce our new and revamped Tournament Tier System (TTS) that will be in effect for the new PGR season.

Originally, when creating the TTS we wanted to have a system that valued quality over quantity. In todays event organization and tournament marketing meta, there has been an increase in demand to host top talent from around the world.

Recently, we have seen a surge in prize support as a whole with the advent of sponsors and organizations coming together and contributing to tournaments. As a result, there has been a spike in not only the amount of tournaments that players must choose from, but also the quality of tournaments as the stakes continually rise.

With all of this and previous precedents set by premier events worldwide in mind, we devised 4 categories by which to assess tournaments.

These are

1. Entrants

2. PGR members

3. Top 20 PGR members

4. Cash Prize Pool


Note that the entrants counted are only those that enter the Singles main event. Top 20 members will be considered as both their own category and as part of the overall PGR members category. Lastly, only the cash prize pool for singles will be taken into account.

Each category has its own weight which is described as follows:

1.for every 64 entrants, a tournament receives 1 point.

2. for every PGR player, a tournament receives ¼ point.

3. for every top 20 pgr player, a tournament receives an extra 2/3 point.

4. lastly, for every $2,500 in the singlesprize pool, a tournament receives 1 point.


Now, with these values in mind, tiers are decided by adding up each value, multiplying it by 100 for round numbers and then comparing against the thresholds.

For C tier tournaments at least 300 points are needed.

For B tier tournaments, 600 points are needed.

For A tier tournaments, 1200 points are needed.

And, finally, for S tier tournaments, 2400 points are needed.


Tiers S/A/B/C will replace the old existing numbered Tiers from past PGR seasons. S-tier has been added as an extra tier for events such as Genesis, EVO, and CEO which were accumulating much higher points than other tournaments near the same category. We believe that these weights and categories are appropriate for our scenes current needs and will be tweaking them over time.

Having to balance with scenes, such as Japan, that use no prize money, and western scenes that do was one of our chief objectives as top player density is rewarded over prize money support. An index that will be continuously updated with recent tournaments can be found in the link below. These tournaments will inevitably be used for the PGR and we hope to provide a better transparent platform for our analysis.

Lastly, we have decided unanimously that weekly and bi-weekly events are not going to be factored into the TTS. The reason being is two-fold.

We do not want to disrupt the local environment with the pressures associated with global rankings. If the TTS were to factor in locals, Top Players may choose to opt out of participating in order to avoid bad losses or they would quickly burn out as they strive for the gold each week with no breaks in between S and A tier events.

We simply do not believe that the tone of local environments should be affected by global pressures. Moreover, with S and A tier events occurring in regions such as SoCal and MD/VA, Top Players that hang around and attend local events would skew the PGR towards those regions. It is our goal to be as inclusive as possible while also maintaining a distinction of prestige across tournaments from around the world.

We hope to further the scene with these standards and are open to any and all feedback from the community.

The PGStats team would also like to voice our appreciation of the community and the amount of support we receive. PGStats is a product of the community and we would not exist without all of you. We will continue to prioritize improving our transparency with the community by providing more direct commodities like the new TTS in the future.

In closing, the PGStats team would like to wish the best of luck to everyone competing this season. We are extremely excited for another sensational season of Smash!


- The PGStats Team


TTS Index

Civil War 4519 S
Genesis 4 4286 S
2GGC Nairo Saga 3349 S
CEO 2017 3249 S
Frostbite 2017 2313 A
2GGC: Greninja Saga 2193 A
CEO Dreamland 2113 A
2GGC Genesis Saga 1952 A
MomoCon 2017 1920 A
Smash'n'Splash 3 1696 A
DreamHack Austin 2017 1631 A
Frame Perfect Series 2 1543 A
2GGC Midwest Mayhem Saga 1541 A
Royal Flush 1453 A
Umebura Japan Major 1422 A
Midwest Mayhem 8 967 B
Battle of BC 2 962 B
Midwest Mayhem 6 909 B
Smash Conference LXIX 845 B
Tokaigi 2017** 808 B
PAX Arena 746 B
SGC** 718 B
Beast 7 696 B
Umebura Tokaigi Qualifier** 677 B
KSB 2017** 654 B
Glitch 3 618 B
SALT 579 C
Sumabato 17** 557 C
Tampa Never Sleeps 7 544 C
Umebura 26** 542 C
Midwest Mayhem 7 538 C
Rise 2017 538 C
Battle Arena Melbourne 9 484 C
Kawaii Kon 2017 465 C
Combo Breaker 2017 461 C
Saints Gaming Live 459 C
The Arena 2017 452 C
Kumite in Tennessee 451 C
No Fun Allowed 448 C
EagleLAN 441 C
Austin's Really Feeling It 16 437 C
Sumabato 15** 406 C
NH Smash 3 404 C
Smash Valley 386 C
Sumabato 18 361 C
PPT Winter 356 C
GUMS 14 356 C
Karisuma Tokaigi Qualifier** 354 C
Tupelo Titans Throwdown 347 C
Sea Crest Smash 346 C
Port Priority 342 C
Welcome to the Oven 338 C
Choctaw Festival of Gaming** 336 C
Invasion 12** 336 C
Sumabato 16** 333 C
Undiscovered Realm Comic Con 332 C
GUMS 13 327 C
King of the Springs 2 325 C
GUMS 15 322 C
Frosty Faustings IX 314 C
Shift 310 C
Karisuma 13** 309 C
Gwinnett Brawl February 307 C
Smash 4 at KI Con 306 C
ConComics May 2017 305 C