PGRv4 Tournament Tier System Unveiled!

Link to the Tournament Tier System Spreadsheet

Changes for PGRv4 start with the tournament tier system. For PGRv3, was a weighted sum of entrants, prize pool, and top 20 and top 50 PGRv2 players.

This did not accurately value tournaments in certain situations.  We have made adjustments to the Tournament Tier System in response.

Minor change: instead of prize pool, we’re using pot bonus, so the tournament value only increases if there is more than $10 per person in the prize pool, and there is no penalty if there’s less

Major change: tournament value is split in two, each tournament is given two values. One based on entrants plus pot bonus. The other based on the PGRv3 players in attendance (more levels than PGRv3 TTS). The larger of the two is the tournament’s actual value.


  • Tokaigi: B tier under old system Penalized for lack of entrants despite having lots of high level talent (3 top 5) Would be A tier under new system
  • Umebura Japan Major: lots of entrants, but weaker PGR representation (A -> B)
  • Frostbite: 7 top 10, not a lot of entrants (A -> low S) Value doesn’t change very much (a 2300 point A is very close to a 2600 point S unless you expect to finish 33rd or 49th)
  • Midwest Mayhem 6: barely B tier, not enough talent so point value is based on entrants (C tier)

As always, "locals" will not count toward the PGR.  At a minimum, the tournament must have a reoccurring schedule of a month or more. Unavoidable scheduling conflicts that require the series to be put on at an earlier date than scheduled is permissible.

The following standards and point values will be the ones used for the PGRv4:

General Entrant Value Points
Pot Bonus Value Points
PGRv3 31-50 Entrant Value Points
PGRv3 21-30 Entrant Value Points
PGRv3 11-20 Entrant Value Points
PGRv3 6-10 Entrant Value Points
PGRv3 1- 5 Entrant Value Points
Total Points Tier
300 <600 C
600 <1200 B
1200 <2400 A
2400 <=4800 S

With more tournaments on the way this season, our aim is to be as inclusive as possible while also maintaining the highest standards possible.

For any questions concerning the TTS, please DM PracticalTAS on Twitter.



The PGStats Team