PGRv4: Area 51

With thousands of competitors in the Smash Wii U scene, cutting down everything to highlight the Top 50 leaves out many a player from the spotlight.

These are the honorable mentions for the PGRv4 that just missed the mark -- Area 51.

We do not consider the differences between these players to be statistically significant, so they are collectively referred to as Area 51.

By: Dom Moore 

Editor's Note: Refer to the FAQ for any questions concerning the PGR and its methods. 


James "Eon" Perez

One of SoCal’s best Fox representatives barely missed PGRv4 qualification despite an impressive track record through the six month season. Over the summer months, he finished 25th at 2GGC: ARMS Saga, 33rd at EVO 2017 with a win on Kameme, and 49th at 2GGC: SCR Saga. He closed out the season just short of another milestone, finishing 3rd at 2GGC Last Chance Qualifier, losing competitive sets to Elegant and Cosmos. With more activity Eon is sure to become a PGR contender, but for now this young gun will have to sit in his holster.


Javier “Javi” Balderas Perez

Javi’s name is becoming synonymous with doubles success, but to a slight fault- it usually overshadows his success in singles. Said success took a reluctant backseat in the PGRv4 season, as Javi now sits on the outside looking in. His performances of 4th at Dreamhack Denver 2017, 5th at Smash Factor 6, 7th at Clutch City Clash 2, 9th at Showdown: Battle Royale 2, and 17th at both 2GGC: West Side Saga and The Big House 7 prove his adequacy, especially when factored in with his wins on Abadango, Captain Zack, and Ned. An unfortunate byproduct of a stacked season, sadly this resume was not enough to snag a spot on the PGRv4.


Mason “Locus” Charlton

Locus had a very interesting season for a lot of the wrong reasons. After his highest PGR placement to date, he plummeted into the dreaded Area 51 spot, struggling to find consistent success throughout the season. At the largest events of the season he failed to break Top 16, but still placed a respectable 17th at both Shine 2017 and 2GGC: West Side Saga, 25th at EVO 2017 and 2GGC: SCR Saga, and 33rd at The Big House 7 and GameTyrant Expo. In the end, his dips in performance and lack of pulling wins kept one of the scene’s brightest personalities and British Columbia’s premier Ryu from returning to the PGR for a 3rd consecutive season.


Andrew “Luhtie” Lataille

Many players and spectators still only recognize Luhtie as the wild card Zero Suit Samus from Arizona who took a knife to the heart of 2GGC: Civil War last March by defeating ZeRo, but he is slowly building up an impressive resume aside from that. Climbing into Area 51 territory proves that he has what it takes to be a PGR contender, but also proves that work needs to be done in order to achieve this accolade. Luhtie placed 33rd at EVO 2017 and 25th at 2GGC: SCR Saga, Super Smash Con 2017, and 2GGC: West Side Saga, scooping up sets on Abadango and AC, and while these are impressive feats, they fall slightly below what is needed to make the cut.


Guillermo “Stroder” Martinez, Jr.

Another Arizona native is starting to crawl into position to strike in Stroder, one of the best Greninja mains worldwide. He placed 33rd at 2GGC: MKLeo Saga, 25th at 2GGC: SCR Saga, and 13th at 2GGC: West Side Saga where he most notably forced Nairo down into Loser’s bracket in pools. Stroder carries the stigma of being a relatively low-key player of a character that is not commonly seen, yet with continued efforts like what was seen in the PGRv4 season, he could break into a future global ranking- but for now, he shall reside in Area 51.



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