PGRv3 Character Tier List

Super Smash Brothers for the Wii U has a variety of characters and rating them has never been a simple task.

In keeping with tradition, today we unveil the PGRv3 Panelists' opinions on top characters of the game as well as some of the weaker ones. With the following rating system of:

  • 0 = no opinion
  • 1 = weakest
  • 10 = strongest

We have arrived at the following.

 **As a special note, both Bayonetta and Diddy tied for 1st with an average score of 9.94!

**Results for Miis at the time were inconclusive for the panel and as a result, a rating was omitted for accuracy.


The data speaks volumes and the conversation is ever-changing concerning which character is the best in Smash.

Listed below are the 35 panelists who participated in the PGRv3 survey and we thank them for their time.

Alpharad / Deezus Southwest
Brosalina Florida
Dabuz WiFi
Dragonite Texas
Earth Japan
El Japan
Gunblade Tristate
JV Texas
Kei Japan
Keitaro Midwest
Kirihara japan
komorikiri Kansai
Krebs Texas
Max Ketchum Tristate
MK Leo Mexico
Nietono Japan
Nightwing Midwest
Nojinko Osaka
Pugwest New England
RSZ|Umeki Japan(Kanto)
SF Citi Mexico
SSBWorld Midwest
strides Socal
suar New England
Tantalus MD/VA
Telmo NorCal
Tetra France
TKbreezy MD/VA
Trent_Esports North Carolina
tsu Japan
Vayseth Midwest
vyQ Europe
Zan SoCal
Zeke New England


Stay tuned for more content throughout the season as we gear up to cover all things Smash Brothers!


- The PGStats Team