Tournament Tier System Update for the PGRv4 Season

          Yo wassup I got two fresh updates to #PGRv4 coming straight from your homeboy PracticalTAS and the PGSquad. First up some Jims were jibber jabbering on Twitter about how the smash Illuminati had bestowed the illustrious, exclusive title of S Tier Tournament onto the lowly pleb event known as DreamHack Atlanta, and johning about how this devalues the worth of the *real* S Tiers like Evo. In response, PracticalTAS has satiated the people's desire for meaningless classifications by splitting what was formerly S Tier into two separate tiers, S and S+.
          S+ comprises the upper half of the tier previously known as S Tier, and starts at 3600 points up to the upper limit of 4800 that the TTS can award. Only the freshest tournaments, with the chillest TOs and the hottest smashers, can even hope to reach S+ tier, so you wouldn't say $#!+ to them at lan. The lower half of the previous S tier is the new S tier. Tournaments that score between 2400 and 3599 points, inclusive, including the upcoming DreamHack Atlanta, will land within this new, slightly inferior tier.
Please note that this distinction is totally meaningless, and does not actually affect the math that we are using to calculate the PGR. The only distinction between tiers is the number of players who receive Placement Points towards their PGRv4 Score, and both S and S+ Tier tournaments will continue to award points to their top 64 finishers. All other separation is dependent directly on tournament value, not tier.
          The second announcement actually does affect the rankings: the PGStats Team hath decreed that events which only achieve PGR status because players are in town for another, larger event, such as Get Smashed: Summer School (Evo Warm-Up), are hereby deleted and will not be considered for the purposes of PGRv4 and all future PGRs, indefinitely.
          Explicitly, the new rule is as stated: If there are multiple tournaments in the same week that the same players can attend, only the largest one (1) of said tournaments can be eligible for inclusion on PGRv4. Implicitly, the point of the rule is to provide players with a stress-free environment at these smaller tournaments where they can prepare for the upcoming larger tournament (or wind down after the larger tournament). This means that if some tournament attempts to circumvent the spirit of the rule while technically not breaking its letter, we reserve the right to amend the rule and/or simply purge PGRv4 of the not-quite-infringing tournament.
          That is all for now. You may all resume ignoring everything PGStats puts out save the tournament tier classifications and the final rankings, ensuring that the bulk of our hard work remains unappreciated.