PGRZ 10-1: The Top 50 Dragon Ball FighterZ Players in the World

The Final 10 Are Here, Giving Life to the Season Before Them and Gearing Up For Times Ahead

From Super Smash Bros. now to Dragon Ball FighterZ, PGStats is proud to present the top of the cut with its first ever PGRZ.

Taking brackets from February 25th to August 5th of 2018, the PGRZ factors a myriad of parameters from set counts (H2H) to placements to produce the most accurate picture of DBFZ's biggest names. More information as to how the PGRZ was created can be found here.

Through use of the PGR algorithm, we are excited to conclude the five-day reveal of the Top 50 ending with 10-1

Please enjoy the Summer 2018 #PGRZ!



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Legendary fighting game veteran and Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3 Evo 2016 Champion Chris “NYChrisG” Gonzales breaks into the first ever DBFZ PGR cementing himself at the number ten spot. The New York native turned Los Angeles transplant’s first seven months of DBFZ’s lifespan has been nothing less than sensational highlighted by peak performances at events Texas Showdown 2018, Winter Brawl 12, DreamHack Austin 2018 and Combo Breaker 2018 where he finished 1st, 2nd, 2nd and 4th, respectively.

With his character usage slowly changing over time to match the evolution of DBFZ’s competitive landscape, NYChrisG has found success with a wide array of characters throughout the PGRZ season including Trunks, Android 18, Tien, Bardock, and Vegeta. NYChrisG’s excellent start through the beginning of DBFZ’s competitive history is a testament to his prowess as a long-time fighting game competitor and he shows no sign of slowing down in the future as the game continues to develop.

- Adam "Mayday" Braham


© Beyond the Summit


After spending years as a legend in the Marvel vs Capcom scene, Vineeth “ApologyMan” Meka’s story is getting another chapter with Dragon Ball FighterZ. Apologyman has performed among the world’s best since release, including finishes such as 7th at CEO 2018 and 5th at the Summit of Power. Much of his success can be attributed to him to quickly grasping Dragon Ball FighterZ -- bringing his knack for the unorthodox with him by using a team with the underutilized Tien, Piccolo and Goku. If his time in Marvel is anything to go by, it’s to never underestimate what he can do.

- Justin "Popi" Banusing


© Chris Bahn


After breaking into the top echelon of the Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3 competitive scene during the later years of the title’s lifespan, Los Angeles native Steve “Supernoon” Carbajal has transitioned flawlessly into Dragon Ball FighterZ reaching the number eight spot on the PGRZ. Experimenting with several different character variations early on, Supernoon settled on his signature trio of Cell, Vegeta and Kid Buu who would help him achieve numerous notable placings at some of the largest events this season including a 3rd place finish at NorCal Regionals 2018, a 5th place finish at DreamHack Austin 2018 and a 7th place finish at Evo 2018. Impressed with his strong work ethic and stellar performances early on in the year, major esports organization NRG Esports would sign Supernoon in April as one of their two marquee DBFZ players. With Supernoon only continuing to improve over time, the future is bright for the young DBFZ star.

Adam "Mayday" Braham


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While known for his deadly Rashid in the Street Fighter V scene, Moke isn’t exactly the person you’d expect to be a top player in a new game dissimilar to his bread and butter -- yet he is. Initially taking his Cell/Trunks/Vegeta team to a top 8 finish at Final Round 2018, the Japanese phenom’s switch to a Kid Buu/Cell/Trunks lineup has netted him further top placings like 4th at EVO 2018 and 7th at the Summit of Power. The way Moke picked up a new game and rose to the top is a feat in of itself, a sign that his peak is yet to come.

- Justin "Popi" Banusing


© Thomas Tischio


Highly regarded for his ability in the Guilty Gear series, the BlazBlue series and most recently Street Fighter V, Ryo “Dogura” Nozaki is one of the most multi-talented players in all of fighting games. Placing sixth on the PGRZ, the Japanese sensations’ season was highlighted by a pair of 2nd place finishes at VSFighting 2018 and Stunfest 2018, a 3rd place finish at ComboBreaker 2018 and a 4th place finish at CEO 2018. Utilizing a wide variety of characters including Super Saiyan Goku, Super Saiyan Vegeta, Cell, Kid Buu, Broly and Android 16, Dogura has been able to take sets off of numerous top players including HookGangGod, GO1, Kazunoko, Fenritti, Moke, ApologyMan, NYChrisG and Leffen. Given his success at many different styles of fighting games and his extraordinary ability to juggle multiple games at the highest level at the same time, it’s very unlikely Dogura will drop off at any point.

Adam "Mayday" Braham


© Beyond the Summit


Dragon Ball FighterZ is the first game Eduardo “HookGangGod” Deno has competed at an international level in, and he’s already -- as his name implies -- a god. Rocking a character thought to be in the low-end in Piccolo, the New Jersey native entered the game as a relative unknown only to storm his way to the top with his creative style of play. Alongside winning the Summit of Power in June, he’s racked up wins over some of the FGC’s most storied names like SonicFox, GO1 and Kazunoko.

- Justin "Popi" Banusing


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Dragon Ball FighterZ’s unique fusion of multiple different fighting game elements and subcategories makes it perhaps the perfect amalgamation of many different subsections of the overarching fighting game community. One of the best examples of this is legendary japanese BlazBlue player Sho “Fenritti” Shoji. While only being able to compete in the west once in his career before 2018, the release of Dragon Ball FighterZ granted Fenritti more opportunities to travel overseas and a new mixed audience to showcase his uncanny fighting game prowess to. Carrying over his infamous destructive offensive play and heavily optimized combo game from BlazBlue to DBGZ, Fenritti shined at events he attended in the United States this year with his best performances coming from a trio of 3rd place finishes at CEO 2018, Evo 2018 and the Summit of Power. Fenritti is an extremely calculated and talented player that has only been held back in the past by his limited ability to travel. With seemingly more opportunities coming his way, the possibilities are near endless for Fenritti.

Adam "Mayday" Braham


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A true multi-game talent, Ryota “Kazunoko” Inoue once again finds himself in the upper echelon of a new title with Dragon Ball FighterZ. Despite DBFZ being Kazunoko’s first foray into team-based fighting games, the Japanese powerhouse was quickly able to be on the come up armed with a unique line-up centered around Yamcha; this netted him a win at CEO 2018 in Florida, the first World Tour Saga, and 5th at EVO 2018. Expect to see Kazunoko to be a solid contender for the top spot in the months to come.

- Justin "Popi" Banusing


© Thomas Tischio

#PGRZ No. 2: GO1

Who didn’t expect Goichi “GO1” Kishidato do well a new fighting game, let alone an anime one? While the long-time veteran spent much of his 2017 dabbling in Street Fighter, his big return to the anime scene with Dragon Ball FighterZ started off with a bang: a victory at Final Round 2018, the game’s first major tournament. Since then, few have been able to crack the code behind his wall-like playstyle,  giving him top 4 finishes at every further event has attended like EVO 2018 and Combo Breaker 2018. It remains to be seen if GO1 can reach the level of dominance he had with titles like Melty Blood, but him performing well is inevitable.

- Justin "Popi" Banusing


© Thomas Tischio


There really is no one else like Echo Fox’s Dominique “SonicFox” McLean. Whether it be his uncanny aptitude for picking up and excelling in any fighting game, his ability to dominate a tournament while wearing a fursuit, his four Evo championships across three different games or the fact that he has achieved all of this by the age of twenty, there’s no denying SonicFox is one of the most unique and accomplished competitors in the history of the fighting game community. After extremely successful stints in SkullGirls, Injustice, Injustice 2, Marvel vs Capcom: Infinite and Mortal Kombat X, SonicFox set his sights on becoming the best player in Dragon Ball FighterZ. Using his loss to japanese rival GO1 at Final Round 2018 early in the year as a catalyst for improvement, SonicFox would become a near unstoppable force for the rest of the PGRZ season placing 1st at many of the largest events including DreamHack Austin 2018, Evo 2018, VSFighting 2018, Northwest Majors X and ComboBreaker 2018. Well regarded for his ability to apply near unrivaled amounts of offensive pressure, SonicFox utilized numerous characters throughout the year including Kid Buu, Hit, Cell, Goku Black and Gotenks before settling on his current lineup of Android 16, Bardock and Zamasu.

SonicFox is the culmination of great talent mixed with an even greater work ethic and will likely continue finding success at the highest level until he decides to shift his focus off Dragon Ball FighterZ.

Adam "Mayday" Braham


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