A comprehensive look at possible questions concerning the PGR in light of its new methodology and other related details.

What date range does the PGRv5 cover?
January 6th, 2018* to July 1st, 2018.

*Umebura T.A.T. occurred on December 24th, 2018 and is the only exception to the date range due to the fact that the event was planned in advance prior to the announcement of the off-season.

Which tournaments are being taken into account for the PGRv5?
Every tournament listed in the Tournament Tier System.

I don’t see tournament <x> listed, why?
The TTS took in an exhaustive approach to tournament sanctioning and did not discriminate. The simplest answer as to why tournament <x> did not make it is usually due to lack of PGR player presence -- which has the greatest weight. Neither the prize pot nor the raw entrant count affected the tier of the tournament. The reasoning for this was that through our tests, raw entrant size and money did not necessarily correlate to the “stacked “nature of the tournament. Top player presence always resulted in a more difficult, and thus contentious, tournament.

How do set win and loss points work?
Every set in every TTS tournament has been tracked for PGRv5. Each top player’s overall win rate and head-to-head win rate against other top players are mathematically compared. From these, we generate an objective list of each player’s set points, or “strength”. This “strength” is the value of a win against that player. Thus, if two players have identical overall records against the top 50 but one player’s wins have come against stronger opponents, that player will have a higher set point total. The ratings of the tournaments that sets occurred at will also be taken into account, with sets at larger tournaments being worth more than those at smaller ones.

I want to know more about the PGRv5 methodology and its details.
Feel free to DM @PracticalTAS on Twitter.

Is the X-Factor making a reappearance, and what is it exactly?
Yes, the X-Factor will return once again with the results of a panel composed of 30 community leaders/top players/and experts. The X-Factor = Objective Score - Subjective score. Meaning, the difference between the data-driven ranking and the score the panelists is taken and a +/- score is given.

Why don’t locals count?
Quoted from an earlier TTS article, “... we have decided unanimously that weekly and bi-weekly events are not going to be factored into the TTS. The reason being is two-fold.

We do not want to disrupt the local environment with the pressures associated with global rankings. If the TTS were to factor in locals, Top Players may choose to opt out of participating in order to avoid bad losses or they would quickly burn out as they strive for the gold each week with no breaks in between S and A tier events.

We simply do not believe that the tone of local environments should be affected by global pressures. Moreover, with S and A tier events occurring in regions such as SoCal and MD/VA, Top Players that hang around and attend local events would skew the PGR towards those regions. It is our goal to be as inclusive as possible while also maintaining a distinction of prestige across tournaments from around the world.”

Who is on the production team of the PGRv5?
The team this time around has great expanded to many folks. Aside from the PGStats team which is,
suar - Director
Dom - Chief Writer
Zan - Chief Analyst
Spike - Graphic Designer
Giant - Lead Systems Engineer
Popi - Content Writer
Mayday - FGC Analyst
PracticalTAS - Rankings Consultant


What are the dates for release?
In keeping with the announcement tweet,
July 24th 2nd for 50-41
July 26th for 40-31
July 30th for 30-21
August 1st for 20-11
August 3rd for 10-1