Melee It On Me and PGStats Join to Create the Summer 2018 #MPGR

Tafokints recently took up a job with CLG in business development, quitting his job at NASA. For many years he was lauded as the Melee statistician and developed the SSBMRank system. Published through his Melee group, Melee It On Me, MIOM's yearly SSBMRank system used subjective polling with statistical analysis of results to rank the top 100 Melee players in the world. It has since become the de facto ranking system. Tafo has discovered that with his new responsibilities, continuing to produce the SSBMRank as he had before became a daunting task, so he decided to pass the torch onto PGstats.

PGstats, a team brought together by Panda Global that is lead by suar, has for the past two years produced the Smash 4 ranking system, the PGR. The twice-a-year ranking system uses an algorithm developed by the team -- and polished by its newest member PracticalTAS -- to assign each tournament a weight based on number/quality of entrants and pot bonuses (the Tournament Tier System), with player ranks determined by their performance at these tournaments via placings and results versus other ranked competitors.

Offering far more than a simple "circuit" ranking system based on placing, the PGR has been able to find “diamonds in the rough” who may not travel as often as their counterparts, while serving as a very accurate ranking. The #PGRv5 is due out at the end of July.

PGstats and MIOM will come together to form the new Melee ranking system: The Melee PGR. The Summer #MPGR2018 will launch a Top 50 list alongside the #PGRv5 at the end of July, alternating days with the Smash 4 ranking. While some people have requested for us to create a blend of an algorithm and the statistical analysis style that Tafokints has made the hallmark of the SSBMRank, we feel it necessary to the Melee community to continue rankings as they were done previously through balloting. PGstats will be using a slightly different statistical analysis on the data under PracticalTAS' approach, but the system remains the same otherwise. Tafokints will remain on an advisory role, offering support and guidance when necessary to ensure PGstats produces an accurate ranking that continues to serve the Melee community. The #MPGR will be released twice a year, just as the Smash 4 #PGR.

This marks the first of new adventure for PGstats and we hope to continue expanding into new titles in the near future in a way that does the communities and their players' justice!