Weekend Recap 5/19-5/20

We put the “Global” in Panda Global this past weekend with Infiltration attending his third Capcom Pro Tour Premier at Stunfest in France, and our entire Smash team heading North to Canada for Get On My Level.

Infiltration delivered the energy to Stunfest and probably the most intense top 8 finals of this season’s CPT thus far. Infil breezed into the Winner’s side of top 8 with his adaptive and quick acting play and faced against none other than Cybeast Games’ Daigo. This meeting of the minds was one of the most tense back-and-forths where both end were making quick adjustments to survive. The winner’s semi final ended down to the wire in our guy’s favor at 3-2.

The intensity carried on in Winner’s Finals against UYU Oil King, arguably one of the top Rashid players in the world right now. Infil brought out his Juri for the matchup and what a set we witnessed. We saw even tighter rounds than our Panda’s set versus Daigo, but received the same result -- Infiltration clutched it 3-2 and continued on to Grand Finals on the Winner’s side.

In grand finals, our guy faced off against Fudoh’s Fujimura -- who was dominating through the loser’s end of things defeating opponents such as Daigo 3-0. This was a tough matchup with Infil going Menat against Fujimura’s Ibuki. After a difficult reset and some insane setups on both ends, Infiltration was defeated at 3-0 and ended his run in second place.

With the addition of more CPT points, the Panda fighter retains his second place with 1130, inching closer to Tokido at 1280. Hopefully we can witness another clash of these two or another runback against Fujimura at Combo Breaker this coming weekend!

Meanwhile, in Canada, our Smash team came to perform -- placing top 12 in almost every event atGet On My Level 2018!

SupeRbOoMfaN won both singles and doubles in Smash 64. Boom dominated the singles bracket with his high level Samus, Fox and Kirby play and coasted into Grand Finals where he faced against Revan in a Kirby mirror match. His solid play gave him a solid victory of 3-1.

In Wii U, both Esam and MVD competed alongside each other in singles and as partners in doubles. The two fell short of top 12, with Esam taking 13th for singles and MVD at 17th. In doubles, however, the Panda pair made it to top 12 on the winner’s side to face  off against Elegant and SuperGirlKels for Winner’s Semi - Finals. Esam and MVD came to a close loss at 3-2 and were sent to losers where they fought to Loser’s Finals against Echo Fox’s MKLeo and Mistake -- our boys faced defeat though 3-1 and placed fourth in the event.

On top of that, MVD also competed in Brawl singles and took third for the event!

In Melee singles, both of our Pandas Zain and Plup, had big performances! Our guy Zain was on the losers side of things and worked his way up with his Marth, defeating both Moky and CLG SFAT 3-1 in loser’s bracket, and landed against Tempo Axe in Loser’s Quarter - Final. The Panda was defeated against Axe 3-1 and ended in fifth overall.

Plup gave a confident showing that we’ve all come to expect from the Sheik player. Onn the winner’s side of  top 12,his first match was against Dignitas Lucky with Fox mirror match. Plup came out on top 3-2 and advanced onto the Winner’s Semi - Finals where he faced his doubles teammate, Mew2king, in another mirror match -- this time with Plup’s signature Sheik. After defeating Mew2king 3-1, our Panda went head-to-head with Team Liquid’s Hungrybox at Winner’s Finals. The crowd was pumped seeing these two clash, and even more so when Plup stopped HungryBox 3-1. The two would then meet again in Grand Finals where HungryBox forced a reset and ultimately defeated Plup 3-1 -- leaving Plup with another second place finish in singles..

In Doubles, Plup had his usual teammate, Mew2King, who of course rocked GOML with a smooth coast into that first place finish!



- Zackary Potter