Weekend Recap 5/12-5/13

This weekend was definitely one for the books with a new player announcement, our first PG FighterZ tournament and many of our players competing across the country.


We kicked the weekend off right with announcing our third Hearthstone player, Korextron. Our newest panda is both an established Hearthstone competitor and world poker champion as well!! He attended the HCT Summer Playoffs and finished the weekend 4-3 out of his seven rounds, ending in 21st spot for the weekend. Panda’s team Captain RayC was also in attendance, and finished 2-4 in Swiss rounds.

We look forward to seeing more from our Hearthstone team this summer!

Dragon Ball FighterZ

Our boy Nakkiel went up to Vancouver to compete at Vancouver Battle Royale where he breezed into a first place spot with his new team of Kid Buu, Cell and Bardock. Alongside that, our champ doubled up by hosting the first PG FighterZ sub only event. Our gracious host welcomed the PC and PS4 champs: rogueyoshi and brkrdave! Our May winners will receive a flight to Combo Breaker the end of this month and compete as honorary Pandas -- and of course be on the lookout for Nakkiel at combo breaker as well.


SKD got a chance to test out BlazBlue: Cross Tag Battle for the beta over the weekend.

Our guy came up with some great combos and even discovered some amusing bugs while streaming that you can watch here.

SKD will also be in attendance at Combo Breaker, so we can enjoy more of r his insane Izayoi in Blazblue Central Fiction.



Zain came off from his successful first smash summit, dominating Pound Underground in Maryland in both Singles and Round Robin. With such a resilient work ethic and amazing techs, we can’t wait to see what Zain and his Marth achieve next.



- Zackary Potter