PG Does LA: Summit of Power & E3 Smash Bros. Invitational

Another busy week in PG for two reasons, Summit of Power and E3! That’s right, Panda Global invades LA!

Summit of Power

The first-ever Summit of Power, Beyond the Summit’s DBFZ event, took place the past weekend, with our boy Nakkiel aka “Snakkarot” in attendance for the four-day event (June 8-10).

Summit is a unique setting, bringing together commentators and players to partake in events such as singles, 3v3 teams, a combo challenge, along with amusing extras such as Mafia and Jenga. The vibe was chill with players and commentators switching roles at times with commentators being drafted on 3v3 teams and players hopping on the mic, including Nakkiel.


In 3v3, Nakk was drafted to the team featuring NRG’s Hookganggod and Apologyman. With two Piccolo mains and our man Nakk rocking Goku, the team was appropriately called “Double Diccolo”. The team, through probably the strongest tech of two Piccolos, blazed through to Grand Finals on the Winners side.

Double Diccolo defeated Sonicfox’s team, Cell’s Daycare, featuring Ponos Moke and Commentator Hellpockets [2-1]. In Grands, they faced Nihongo OK (Lord Knight, GGP Kazunoko, Cyclops Fenritti). The matchup was tough for Double Diccolo and resulted in a 2-1 loss after a reset, and a second place finish for the team.

In singles Nakkiel had a tough bracket for the round robin placement, facing opponents such as Cyclops GO1 and NRG Hookganggod. Nakk got a 1-2 record, losing to GO1 and HGG while beating Yohosie. For the main singles bracket, our guy faced Dogura in Loser’s in a tense match. After a tough game, Nakkiel came up short with a 3-2 loss and was eliminated from the tournament. Our Panda took his seat on the sidelines, but still shined through his commentary slots throughout the remainder of the bracket.  You can watch that and the rest of the events like mafia and Jenga here!

With the Summit coming to a close, Nakkiel’s time in LA wasn’t over yet as he joined the rest of the Pandas for E3 to check out the Bandai Namco booth and visit Funimation!

E3 2018

Many of our Pandas flew out to LA for this week for the giant gaming convention including owners Alan and David, along with ESAM, Infiltration, MVD and more! The team all was graciously invited by our friends at Nintendo to attend the Super Smash Bros. Invitational which featured our own Plup competing in the new Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. Plup was daring with his character choices, playing Villager, Pit, and newly announced Ridley for the event!

Plup took third overall, losing to MKLeo in losers, but honestly, our guy seemed excited to play Ridley more than anything. You can watch the Super Smash Bros. Invitational in its entirety here.

Speaking of Ridley, ESAM mentioned in an earlier interview saying he’d really want the Metroid villain in the game. Well, he got his wish plus more, watch his and the whole PG E3 squad’s reaction to the reveal here!

With E3 just beginning we’ll be sure to be showing more about everything we loved about the show and Super Smash Bros. Ultimate in the near future!



- Zackary Potter