SXSW and Frame Perfect Series 2

SXSW and Frame Perfect Series 2

(March 17-19) This past weekend was punctuated by two exhilarating events: The newest Panda star Street Fighter player, Punk, flexing his muscles in Austin at SXSW; while our roster of Smashers headed to Orlando for Frame Perfect Series 2.

SFV Fighters Underground @ SXSW

Punk dominated the group stage at SXSW, defeating FChamp, NuckleDu, K-Brad, RB, Phenom, Momochi and Four Wude for a perfect 7-0 on his first day.

Unfortunately our Panda was overcome by nerves on Sunday when he met with Justin Wong in the first round of bracket play. He lost the set [2-3], and went on to face FChamp’s Dhalsim on the Losers side. Perhaps the practice of meeting in groups gave Champ the upper hand he needed to pull off his [3-0] victory over Punk, leaving him in 7th place.

Frame Perfect Series 2

Smash 4


MVD went up against ZeRo first round Top 48. Despite exhibiting extremely strong, confident play against the reigning champion in this Diddy ditto match, MVD fell [1-3]. The Panda continued on the Losers side, ending his run after meeting with yet another fellow Diddy main, Dyr [2-3], and took 17th place.

After getting the best of Cashmere [1-3], ESAM was tossed to the Losers side by Kirihara’s Rosalina [0-3]. The Pikachu main fought brilliantly against Salem (Bayo/Lucina) for a spot in the Top 12, bringing the set to game 5 where he unfortunately ended the tournament 9th place.


ESAMVD had a strong doubles showing, making quick work of their bracket until a close loss to ZeRo/Tsu (Diddy/Lucario) [2-3] sent them to the Losers side. Our Panda team continued on to beat Kameme/Dabuz [3-0] and MKLeo/Mew2King [3-2], finally getting bested by Japanese team komorikiri/Ranai [0-3] for third place.

Smash 64

SuPeRbOoMfAn raced through the Smash 64 Winner’s bracket, not dropping a single game until his Grand Finals set against BarkSanchez -- who managed to eke out a solitary win before losing the set [1-3] and our Panda took home first place.