Super Smash Con 2016 Recap

Super Smash Con 2016

The weekend of August 12-14 was a notable one for the Smash community, as Chantilly, VA hosted the largest Nintendo Fan expo in the US: Super Smash Con. Alongside a variety of booths and a host of engaging panels, an international battle of Smashers was underway.

Our very own Wobbles was on the mic this past weekend, putting his signature touch on the Melee doubles and singles commentary. He was likewise among the many Pandas who set up camp at the Geico booth throughout the event: meeting fans and signing autographs.


ESAM had an impressive run through his Melee Singles pools, bringing about one of the biggest upsets of the tournament as he won his set versus Westballz (2-1). Unfortunately Colbol’s Fox sent him to the Losers bracket for the Top 24.

Despite a few flubs on ESAM’s part in game 1 against Zhu, he was able to secure a 3-1 victory over the Falco player. Our Panda settled into 13th place after Japanese Yoshi player aMSa turned the tides against him (1-3).

Smash 4

Panda Global was represented by a total of three teams in Smash 4 Doubles: Along with our standard ESAM/MVD team (17th), we also saw Zan pair up with New England player MattyG (25th), and Trela joined forces with Mr. R.

Entering the Top 24 on the winners side, Trela and Mr. R ran into trouble when they came up against of Japanese team Teiheita and Gomamugitya: A Lucas/Lucario pair who dominated the bracket up until their Grand Finals match versus Zero/Nairo.

After falling in game 1 -- unable to make a dent in Tei’s Lucas -- our team came back with a new strategy: Focusing their energy on Goma had promising results, but ultimately proved insufficient to best this formidable duo. Their loss (0-2) found them bumped to Losers.

After making quick work of V115/Blacktwins13, Trela and Mr. R faced off against team Ally/Anti in the Losers Top 8. The pair had difficulty staying together in order to counter their savvy opponents,  and a 0-3 loss earned them 7th place.

While both ESAM and MVD entered Smash 4 Singles, it was MVD who would go on to steal the show: Powering through his pools to enter the Top 24 on the Winners side.

His first set had him pitted against ScAtt’s Megaman. After losing the first game, MVD made the switch to Duck Hunt -- changing his tag to PUPPYPOWER to the evident delight of the crowd. Using his first-rate knowledge of this seldom seen character, the Panda was able to take a game off ScAtt; but alas that would be the only one and MVD fell 1-3.

Bumped to the Loser’s bracket, MVD went back to Diddy for his match with Ally. Despite games 1 and 3 being very close, MVD was unable to secure a win -- losing the set 0-3 and taking 9th place in the tournament.

Smash Masters

Making its debut on the Dulles Expo Center stage, a new tournament powered by Geico, Smash Masters: An unprecedented invitational featuring all 4 Smash titles, in which 4 players hashed it out for the title of “Best Overall Smash Player.”

Our very own ESAM was included among the 4 invitees, alongside Mew2King, Wizzrobe and Nintendude.

ESAM went head-to-head with Wizzrobe and the first game up for decision was Melee. Our Panda’s Samus was no match for Wizzy’s Captain Falcon who took the set decidedly 0-2.

The foes then moved on to Brawl: after ESAM’s Pikachu fell to Marth in game 2 he switched over to Ice Climbers to take the win 2-1.

Wizzrobe counterpicked 64, which proved to be a point of no contest for poor ESAM as neither his Samus or Pikachu could contend with the enigmatic Yoshi. In a face-off which proved that 64 is a unique beast unto itself, ESAM was unable to take a single stock and lost the set 0-2 

Going into their final face-off in Wii U, it was alas already too late for our Panda to recover: Even securing a 2-0 over Wizzy would not have been enough to allow him to advance. The set was nonetheless exciting as these two highly skilled players traded blows, with ESAM taking the win 2-1.

Wizzrobe went on to challenge Mew2King, and their fierce battle ended with M2K being crowned Ultimate Smasher.

Up Next

The road to Shine has been paved. On August 26-28, the latest edition to the tournament circuit will make it’s debut at the Seaport World Trade Center overlooking the Boston harbor. Featuring all your favorite Nintendo titles, as well as an amateur bracket and various side events, it’s the perfect salute to the Summer season.