Smash Summit -- Spring 2017

Smash Summit -- Spring 2017

March opened up with the Spring edition of Smash Summit; with Plup once again included among the 10 invitees to the exclusive tournament in sunny California. Players and fans alike were primed for four days of high-level play from the best contenders Melee has to offer.


Plup went up against Leffen’s Fox in the first round of Top 12 Upper bracket. The last time these two had clashed was at Genesis back in January, when Plup took the set 3-0. The result was a high tension match, with Leffen looking to prove himself and Plup vying to maintain his dominance.

Losing ground, Plup switched to Samus, but when it did not pay off he promptly reverted to Sheik for game 4. Perhaps too little too late, Leffen tossed Plup to the Lower bracket. [1-3]

The Panda powered on, taking a dominant win over S2J’s Falcon [3-0], followed by an equally strong defeat of ChuDat’s ICs [3-1]. With that momentum behind him, Plup went on to face Mew2King in a Sheik ditto.

Down two games, Mew2King made the decision to switch to Fox which swings the set in his favor. Despite winning, M2K yet again makes a character switch, this time opting for Marth. If his strategy was to prevent Plup from adapting, it paid off -- M2K pulled off a 3 game comeback and left Plup with 5th place in the tournament.


Our Panda teamed up with Westballz to form team “Plupballz” (Fox/Falco). Starting off the bracket strong, they reversed team PewFat’s 2-0 (Fox/Marth) and closed out the set on solid footing [3-2].

The seasoned duo continued on the Winners side to face team Muffen (Double Fox). Plupballz made quick work of game 1, but proved unable to maintain the control necessary to keep them in the lead -- falling [1-3].

Next up, Plupballz went head-to-head with 4 Leaf Mango in a Falco/Fox mirror-match. Through superior synergistic play, our Panda alliance brought the extraordinarily fast-paced set all the way to Game 5. The final game was the shakiest one for Plupballz, an unfortunate fumble which resulted in them placing 5th overall [2-3]