Smash Conference LXIX

Smash Conference LXIX 

The Holiday Inn Orlando hosted the newly configured Smash Conference presented by MVG on Saturday, Jan 7. No longer a bi-weekly tournament, Smash Conference enters 2017 as a monthly regional. Panda Global was represented by ESAM and MVD, who competed in Smash 4 singles and doubles, while ESAM teamed up with HungryBox for Melee doubles.



Top 32 Winners side, fell to Samsora’s (Peach) -- kept fairly even throughout but Samsora was able to read ESAM weaknesses too well. [1-2]

ESAM made quick work of Child [2-1], Nick Riddle [2-1] and Wormynugget [2-0], to find himself up against Mew2King in Losers Semi-Finals. Off to a strong start taking game 1 despite an early stock loss. ESAM showed patience, ability to maintain composure even when behind which served him. Brought set to game 5 and ultimately eliminate the M2K from the competition [3-2].

Next was a rematch with Samsora for a chance to battle Salem in Grand Finals. After a quick game 1 loss, ESAM switched to his secondary MewTwo and 2-stocked Samsora in a whirlwind 70 seconds to even out the set 1-1. While ESAM’s MewTwo was looking far stronger than his Pikachu versus the Peach player, ultimately Samsora’s reads won him the match and ESAM out in third place [1-3].


Loss to RiotLettuce [0-2] in Pools to find himself on the losers side of the Top 32. Beat Saj [2-0] and Dyr [2-0] only to fall to Myran’s Olimar [0-2] for 13th place.


ESAM/MVD had a strong run through the doubles bracket until meeting with Salem/8bitman (Bayo/Rob) in Winners Finals. Despite our Pandas’ efforts, their adversaries outdid them, sending them to the losers side [1-3].

MVD switched from Diddy to Cloud for their Losers Finals match against Mew2King/Mr E (Cloud/Marth). A very close set ended in a [2-3] defeat for our team, leaving them in 3rd place.

Melee Doubles

ESAM entered Melee Doubles at the last minute, when HungryBox contacted him looking for a partner. The Panda-Liquid alliance entered the tournament at a significant disadvantage: HBox playing with a broken finger, and ESAM’s Z button on its last leg. However, they still managed to secure 4th place, after losing to SFAT/The Moon and Wizzrobe/KPAN.