Weekend Recap: Sept 14-15

Panda Global made big strides this past weekend with some hype tournaments and some groundbreaking major wins. We saw our favorite Pikachu main, ESAM, get his first big win in Ultimate at Glitch 7, and Zain took home the W at Smash Camp. We also had some great FGC action with Speedkicks at Kumite in Texas and Nakkiel in Mexico for Thunderstruck.

Cosmos, ESAM and Fullstream were out in Maryland for Glitch 7. Brackets were stacked for this A-tier PGR major, featuring top players including Samsora and Tweek, but that is nothing new for our Pandas. 

The true Inkling main himself, Cosmos, had quite the bracket with big names like Wishes and MVD in his path. Our guy met Wishes in Top 96 Winners, but the Joker matchup may still need some work as he came up short (1-2). Cosmos got a grip on the competition after that,featuring a cool 3-0 over Thunder Gaming’s MVD for Top 16 Losers. Shortly after he faced ZD and fell 1-3, placing 13th overall.

It would seem the stars had aligned for Pikachu trainers this past weekend, with Ash Ketchum finally winning the Pokemon League and ESAM taking home his first A Tier Ultimate win. Our Pokemon Master’s journey began with a clean pool win into  top 96 where he swept both Suarez and LeoN. In Top 16, ESAM beat out Nairo explosively with some insane kills and combos from both players (3-2). Even more intense, ESAM took out PGR rank #2 Tweek over (3-1) in Winners Semi-finals. The hype train didn’t stop there as ESAM defeated Rogue Light in Winner’s Finals (3-1). Everything all came together in the runback for Grand Finals with an earned victory over Light again (3-2). 



This is a huge win for ESAM and we could not be more proud of him!

At the same time, Zain packed his bags and headed over to Prescott, Arizona, Zain for Summer Smash Camp. Instead of roasting marshmallows and telling ghost stories, he defeated a pretty stacked bracket with big names like Mango and None. That’s right, the red Marth took first in the Melee event.



On the fighting game side of things, we saw Nakkiel seek some points for the Dragon Ball FighterZ World Tour at Thunderstruck in Mexico, getting 17th overall. Our Saiyan is still at it for those points and we look forward to his upcoming performance at CEOtaku!. 

Meanwhile, Speedkicks was down south for Kumite in Texas. He took third, losing games to Jimmy Tran and Shadow 20z. As of now, ‘Kicks is just shy of qualifying for the Tekken World Tour Finals. We hope to see our boy scavenge up those last points to make his way in and represent PG like we know we can.

Well, that’s it for this week’s recap. If you want to show some support for ESAM’s big win, head on over to our store to score on a commemorative tee now for a limited time.