PG Weekly Recap 9/22-23

This past weekend we roasted HuGs and indulged in anime. No, we’re not talking about what our CEO does on his free time, Zain competed in singles at The Roast of Hugo Gonzalez and our anime team unleashed their chakras at CEOtaku!

The Roast of Hugo Gonzalez

Zain hit the west coast for some melee singles, and our Shine champ did not come to disappoint. The Panda cleared his bracket with ease. Zain made the Top 32 his domain by getting straight 2-0 wins until hitting Top 8 Winners Semi-Finals against CLG SFAT in Winners.The matches were intense, as we saw a final round, final stock where our Marth main clinched it and won [3-2]. Next up in Winners Finals Zain went up against Tempo Storm S2J, however, after some difficulty against S2J’s formidable Captain Falcon our guy was defeated [0-3] and sent to Losers side. Zain wasn’t done yet, as he tore through CLG PewPewU [3-1] to get his runback in Grand Finals against S2J. The Panda came up short though, losing [1-3] for second place.

Zain has had an incredible couple of weeks with winning Shine and now getting invited to his second Smash Summit! We’re excited for all of his coming tournaments and look forward to Zain in the coming months!






Nakkiel, Marlinpie and SKD were in Orlando for the fourth annual CEOTaku!

First on deck was Marlinpie, rocking the Ino in GG Xrd 2. He had a rough start, coming out of pools in Losers, but was ready to make the trek in Top 48. Things were going fine as he defeated 2P-God [2-0] and Drifter Dane [2-1]. Marlinpie then faced EVO finalist Lost Soul in some painfully close matches. At a 1-1 tie, our Panda couldn’t overcome his opponent and was defeated [1-2] and went home at 17th place.

Nakkiel competed in the stacked DBFZ event with his new team featuring: Gotenks on point, Adult Gohan and Base Goku. This Saiyan family team proved its worth, earning Nakk a spot in Top 48, Winners side! First up, our guy faced BC Lord Knight. As two Summit of Power competitors, we witnessed some top-notch DBFZ matches with these two going at it. The set came down to a final deciding round, Nakk was defeated [1-2] and set on the Losers run. After taking out Neokarsh, our Panda was up against Echo Fox’s Dekillsage -- and there our Panda’s run came to an end, just missing Top 8.

SKD was focused on the game he knows and loves: BlazBlue Central Fiction. The Izayoi main took a break from BBTag to compete, so that way he can tear through the competition in CF. In Winners Semis, SKD cleanly defeated Fame96 [2-0] to compete against another strong opponent, Jona. This Winners Finals match was best of 5, but SKD still held down and sent Jona into Losers [3-1]. However, we shortly saw the clash of these two again in Grand Finals, though things were a little different this time as Jona got the reset [1-3] and ran it back over SKD [2-3]. With that SKD finished this weekend in second place.There’s nothing more wholesome than seeing SKD play BBCF and we’re glad we got to see it once again.