PG @ Smash Ultimate Summit

The much anticipated Smash Ultimate Summit came and went these past few days, but that doesn’t mean our Pandas didn’t have their fill of matches, commentary and, of course, mafia. With invited players including Cosmos and Plup, along with Asa “Stimpy” Butterfield and FullStream in attendance, the PG brand was well represented throughout the weekend.

Let’s talk matches; and there are so many great ones to recap. First off, how about that Randoms bracket? Plup definitely had the RNG on his side in this one, as he cleaned out Void [3-0] using Duck Hunt, Ness, and the menacing Ganondorf. Plup then carried on against ZeRo, defeating him as well [3-1] using Olimar, our CEO’s favorite Dr. Mario, and Ridley. He finally met his match, however, with MKLeo -- getting sent to Loser’s bracket [1-3]. Plup wasn’t about to go down without a fight as he faced Samsora. Sadly, the RNG gods were not on our boy’s side as he fell last game [2-3] with a fifth place finish. Either way, you look at it, Plup carried the melee name in this bracket as the highest placing out of the bunch.

Of course the main singles bracket is where the real action is at, and PG delivered. After going 1-2 in the round robin, Plup found himself in the Loser’s bracket of the tournament against fellow Melee player, Leffen. It was a regular Pokemon battle with Plup going Greninja against Pokemon trainer. Unfortunately Leffen’s play was super effective and Plup fainted in tournament [0-3].

Cosmos’ Inkling in bracket was looking like a well-oiled machine in the round robin with a 2-1 result, placing himself in the Winner’s bracket. He met up against French Wario player Glutonny and came up short [1-3]. Our guy pulled it together against Armada in Loser’s for an Inkling mirror match. The sets were some highlight matches to witness, making the victory even more satisfying for Cosmos [3-1]. He trekked onward against Dabuz in Top 8, however, our favorite Inkling walked away with 7th overall [0-3].

Considering Summit was literally the most stacked tournament for Smash Ultimate to date, we’re very proud of how our Pandas performed this past weekend and we’ll be looking forward to how far they’ll go in the future.

Of course, we also had Stimpy and FullStream in for the VIP tournament -- featuring our General Manager Mashumaro as well! In fact, Mashumaro went up against Stimpy first round of the bracket for an early team kill. Stimpy made quick work of Mashumaro [3-0] and went up against Keitaro next, but couldn’t keep up momentum and fell to Keitaro [0-3]. Stimpy pushed on and won against Novus to get into Top 8. However, he was taken out by Kellen [0-3].

FullStream was on a roll this tournament, making it cleanly to Grand Finals Winner’s side. There he faced-off against Keitaro for a long 10-game set, losing in the initial set and reset both [2-3] and walking away with a cool second place. FullStream has been grinding Smash Ultimate hard so it’s great to see our guy doing well so far. We hope to see FullStream making big strides in future tournaments soon.

FullStream made some big moves in Mafia as well -- Playing secretly as Mafia, our guy was pulling some real-life unblockables. See all of the action here:

And there you have it, the PG Smash Ultimate Summit recap. This was seriously a fun tournament from start to finish and we’re already looking forward to the next one. Until then be on the lookout for our Smash roster in the coming months.


- Zackary Potter