PG Recap 10/23-10/29: THTH & Canada Cup

This past week featured a new Panda Global partnered event in Florida along with one of our players flying out to Canada for another chance to fight for a stone.

Too Hot To Handle

Partnering with Trail Gaming League, we brought a new Super Smash Bros. centric tournament series to Florida. Featuring Super Smash Bros. Melee Singles and Doubles and Super Smash Bros. for Wii U Singles and Doubles, many talented players from across the United States flew to Florida to compete for a $10k pot bonus.

Super Smash Bros. Melee

Beginning the event with Super Smash Bros. Melee doubles, our Plup teamed up with EndGameTv’s Crush in an impressive showing for the duo’s first time teaming together. Running through bracket play, Plup/Crush would drop their first set to the Team Liquid duo of Hungrybox/Crunch [2-0] in Winner’s Semi-Finals. Not finished yet, Plup/Crush would push through the loser’s bracket defeating Gahtzu/Drunksloth [3-0] and Colbol/Slox [3-0] to return to Grand Finals loser’s side to face Hungrybox/Crunch for the rematch. Plup/Crush would prove to be too much for the Team Liquid duo, double eliminating Hungrybox/Crunch from the tournament for a 1st place finish.

Continuing into singles, Plup auto-piloted through his pool early to make top 48 winner’s side only dropping a single game. Defeating Gravy [3-1] and his doubles partner Crush [3-0] in bracket play, Plup would advance to top 8. Moving into Winner’s Semi-Finals, Plup defeated DruggedFox [3-1] before falling to fellow Florida resident Hungrybox [3-0] in Winner’s Finals. Dropping to Loser’s Finals, Plup would face Crush for the second time. In one of the most intense sets of the night, Crush would get the runback over Plup [3-2] eliminating Plup with a 3rd place finish.

Plup wasn’t the only Panda entered in Melee singles. Texas native and Ice Climber extraordinaire Wobbles attended his first out of region tournament in over 2 months. Starting out with a bit of trouble, Wobbles would fall to Steele [2-0] in Winner’s Semi-Finals of his pool before making it out of his pool loser’s side. Wobbles would then lose to Oaty [2-0] in Loser’s Round 1 of top 48 finishing 33rd.

Super Smash Bros. for Wii U

Our last two pandas attending Too Hot to Handle over the weekend were Florida natives ESAM and MVD. Teaming up for Super Smash Bros. for Wii U doubles, the duo of ESAM/MVD ran through their first two sets of the evening before falling to Rideae/Cashmere [2-1] in a close set. After dropping to loser’s bracket, ESAM/MVD put together a strong loser’s run defeating Kogarasuma/HazMatt [2-0], 8bitman/Dath [2-0], Tachyon/Ross [2-0], WonderBread/Ryo [3-1], and Rideae/Cashmere [3-0] in their second meeting to advance to Grand Finals. Facing the duo of MattyG/CaptainZack, ESAM/MVD would sweep the first set of Grand Finals [3-0] before falling to MattyG/CaptainZack [3-0] in the second set. ESAM/MVD would end their doubles run with a 2nd place finish.

Transitioning into singles, Diddy Kong specialist MVD pushed through pools only dropping a single game. Entering top 48, MVD would fall to MattyG [3-2] in one of the most entertaining sets of the night. Continuing on in loser’s bracket, MVD would pick up a quick win over MuteAce [3-0] before being eliminated by Cashmere [3-2] in another close game 5, finishing 13th place.

Following the title of the tournament, ESAM started off his singles event on a hot streak cruising through pools and sweeping two nationally ranked players in Rich Brown [3-0] and Phoenix1’s CaptainZack [3-0] to enter top 8. Cooling down in top 8, ESAM would fall to all-star player Dabuz [3-1] dropping to loser’s bracket. ESAM would run through the Bayonetta gauntlet in loser’s bracket defeating Salem [3-1] and CaptainZack [3-2] before being eliminated by the Sonic main Manny [3-2] in Loser’s Finals, ending with a 3rd place finish.

Canada Cup 2017

The second major event taking place over the weekend was the illustrious Canada Cup 2017. Featuring a wide variety of fighting games, many of the most talented players from around the world traveled to The Great White North to compete for the cup and another chance at a reality stone.

Marvel vs Capcom: Infinite

With Canada Cup 2017 being the next qualifier for Capcom’s Battle for the Stones Invitational, the Alpha traveled up north to compete for the next stone. Finding trouble early, Punk dropped his 2nd set in pools to EyECoNiC falling to loser’s bracket. Continuing through loser’s, Punk would eliminate Danimal, Hollywood Sleep, Chokehold, and EyECoNiC in the rematch before being eliminated by top 8 qualifier Nick Jones. Punk’s Marvel vs Capcom: Infinite run would end with a 17th place finish.

Our second panda competing in Marvel vs Capcom: Infinite over the weekend was RayRay. RayRay would cruise through his first three sets of the day before losing to the soon-to-be Canada Cup 2017 champion in Teemo [2-0] in Winner’s Finals of his pool. Dropping to loser’s bracket, RayRay would be eliminated by Clockw0rk [2-1] for a 17th place finish.

Street Fighter V

Entering his second game of the weekend, Punk had another difficult start in Street Fighter V. After winning his first two sets of the night, Punk would fall to VastEnd in Winner’s Semi-Finals of his pool dropping to loser’s bracket. Continuing in Loser’s Quarterfinal of his pool, Punk would eliminate Tonks, Gama, and VastEnd in the rematch to advance to top 32. Punk’s loser’s bracket run would continue in top 32 where he picked up wins over legendary fighting game player Momochi [2-0] and Brian_F [2-1] before being eliminated by Nuckledu [2-1] for a 13th place finish.