PG Kicks Off EVO

The entire PG FGC and Smash rosters have arrived in Vegas and are ready to take on the competition at EVO 2018. Our Pandas have slowly been migrating West these past few days for the biggest fighting game tournament in the world. We are excited to showcase our big, talented group of Pandas with new additions Nakkiel, Zain, Infiltration and Cosmos.
After a relaxing Media day on Thursday, a good group of our Pandas had to wake up nice and early for some 8 a.m. pools!  
Everyone has survived those lovely early morning pools and we can’t wait to head into this weekend at full force. Make sure to say hi to any of the team at the show floor or you can meet some of the guys including Speedkicks, MVD and ESAM, SKD and more of PG at the Geico booth! Our media team will be working hard to bring everyone at home a look at the action, so stay glued to our Twitter and Instagram for everything PG at EVO. And for a full schedule, check out the brackets here
You won’t want to miss Infiltration taking on CPT rival Echo Fox Tokido at Twin Galaxies Fight Club 1 on Saturday Night. We also will be having a few other surprise matches for you guys that we’ll be updating on Twitter. 
On top of EVO this weekend, we also announced our sweet new Three-Year Anniversary Merch that you can pre-order now for a limited time! You can also grab your very own fan graphics to show your support for the team this weekend - featuring the beloved Pan-chan, of course. 
With an eventful EVO last year, you guys won’t want to miss out on what PG is bringing this time around! From an incredible Smash team, a world class FGC roster with lots of content for all of it, there is plenty to be excited about at EVO! 
- Zackary Potter