Panda Global Players Talk Anime

It’s no secret that Panda Global is all about its anime: From being the first esports team sponsored by Funimation to having our own esports waifu, we proudly rep anime on our sleeve. We talked to some of the players to hear about their top 5 favorite shows, favorite characters and more!



  1. Ping Pong the Animation
    2. Samurai X Trust and Betrayal
    3. FMA Brotherhood
    4. Steins;Gate
    5. Samurai Champloo


The melee player says the reason he likes anime is because… it’s dank? Not kidding, that’s all he had to say about the subject.

Favorite Character: Kenshin Himura from Rurouni Kenshin

Photo: Aniplex



  1. Chihayafuru
    2. Angel Beats!
    3. One Punch Man
    4. Full Metal Alchemist
    5. ToraDora


ESAM enjoys the the way story is presented in the medium, with unique styles and animation: “It can break down situations in methods that other media can't,” he says.


Best Girl: Chihaya from Chihayafuru

Photo: Sentai Filmworks



  1. Bakemonogatari
  2. Steins;Gate
  3. Your lie in April
  4. Hajime no Ippo
  5. Samurai Champloo


Speedkicks’ favorite aspects of anime is the freedoms it has in expression: “The dramatized art can add a feeling to a story that normally can’t be done so it makes it really easy to get invested in the worlds and stories.” These can especially be seen in a show like Steins;Gate, with a very unique plot involving time travel.


Favorite Character: “Best girl's a secret [laughs], but my favorite anime character is Shikamaru. I relate with that character too much”

Photo: Amino Wiki




  1. JoJo's Bizarre adventure
  2. Full Metal Alchemist
  3. Hellsing OVA
  4. Bleach
  5. Re: Zero


HotMEOWTH is all about the excitement and hype a good anime can bring. With the medium having such a wide range of genre and possibilities, he enjoys how creative a series can be.


Favorite Character: Lain from Serial Experiments Lain

   Photo: Funimation



  1. Detective Conan
    2. Angel Beats
    3. DBZ
    4. Bleach
    5. Gundam Seed


MVD enjoys the different fantasies and worlds that anime has to show. “It's an escape from reality and the writers seem to have a knack for pulling on our heart strings and make us feel a plethora of emotions by making us get attached to their characters,” he says. That feeling and combination of world building has MVD always looking for different types of new anime to watch.


Best Girl:  “Best girl in my opinion is Orihime from Bleach. I'm sure people are gonna get mad at me for that [laughs]”

Photo: Bleach Wikia



  1. Full Metal Alchemist
    2. Gurren Lagann
    3. Cowboy Bebop
    4. Rurouni Kenshin - Tsuiokuhen
    5. Full Metal Panic


Infiltration enjoys all the elements that make up anime: the story, music, characters and of course the amazing animation that ties it all together.


Best Girl: Chidori from Full Metal Panic

Photo: Funimation



  1. Clannad
  2. Steins;gate
  3. My Hero Academia
  4. No Game No Life
  5. K-on


That Cosmos enjoys his anime is far from an industry secret, but what drives this man's passion? "2D is the best D," is all he had to say for himself.


Best Girl: "Yui from K-on is best girl, but I also think Ryuko from Kill la Kill comes close."

Photo: K-on Wikia


What did you think of our players top picks? You can also check out hit shows like Steins;Gate and Full Metal Panic! streaming on Funimation Now. You can start your 14-day free trial by going to and watch on almost all streaming devices!



- Zackary Potter