Pandas Take On Smash Summit 6

Smash Summit 6 showcased our incredibly stacked and driven Melee team these past few days with our guys, Plup and Zain, playing exciting matches against the scene’s strongest opponents (including each other).  

Freshly sponsored by Red Bull, Plup gave solid performances in all his matches this week. On day one we saw some great sets of Iron Man and Random vs. Random brackets -- with Plup taking first in Random vs Random after defeating Tempo Axe with a clutch Pichu play at 5-4. In teams, “The Plup Club” --  featuring Wizzrobe, Hungrybox and 2saint took it all against “Team Beer” in the first round, before besting “LosLeffos 4.0” in the finals.

On days two and three, Plup got third in doubles with his partner Echo Fox Mew2King and second at the Iron Man event. Plup came full force in the Single’s Winner’s Bracket with his Sheik, sweeping Tempo’s Axe at 3-0. He then faced-off against fellow teammate, Zain. The PG matchup ended in Zain’s favor at 3-2, with Plup continuing on the Loser’s side. An unfortunate meeting with Armada’s Fox in Loser’s Quarter Finals (3-0) resulted in a fifth-place finish for Plup.

Our newest addition to the team, Zain, had an equally notable summit appearance. Apart from his clutch Mario Party win, Zain came in third in Melee singles defeating some strong opponents including Mang0 (3-2) and his teammate Plup (3-2). After being sent to the Loser’s side by Mew2King (3-1), Zain was ultimately bested by Armada (3-1) to place third overall -- Making Zain the highest placing vote-in player in Smash Summit History!

Look out for PG’s star-studded Smash roster at Get On My Level (May 18-20)!


- Zackary Potter