Panda Weekend Recap Sep 1-3

We saw Hearthstone team back at it at PAX West, Nakk take on UFA 2018, Speedkicks level up at Summer Jam and Hayatei play at Northern Arena. With exciting matches, Top 8 appearances and… bathroom breaks we sure had ourselves a wild weekend!


RayC and HotMEOWTH took on the competition at the Hearthstone Seattle Showdown. The tournament featured an open bracket where amateurs played it out until selected into the “Pro Vs Amateur” bracket where our guys were waiting for them.

In Winners Round one, HotMEOWTH pulled out his Druid deck to defeat gLo [3-2] and carry on to Winners Quarters. Meanwhile, RayC went up against xHeeloz with a mix of Druid, Warlock and Paladin decks to push through [3-1].

In Quarters HotMEOWTH took on Narit -- coming back from a  2-1 deficit with his Shaman and Hunter decks to take the set [3-2]. RayC faced some trouble against Brian Kibler’s Druid and Priest decks, and was ultimately sent to Losers [1-3]. In Loser’s rayC relied on his Warrior deck versus shoop, but ended up eliminated [1-3] in 9th place.

HotMEOWTH went on to fall  [1-3] to Justsaiyan and began his own Losers run. The Panda dueled yoitsflo in Losers Quarters, however our guy wasn’t able to carry on with a [2-3] defeat and a 5th place result.

This tournament is just a glimpse of our HS team, be sure to check them out again at the upcoming Dreamhack Montreal!


Nakkiel took his new team -- Gotenks, Adult Gohan, Base Goku -- to France for Ultimate Fighting Arena, a stop on the Dragon Ball FighterZ World Tour. Nakk came out of pools in Winners to face against tough opponent PONOS garireo. The return of the Goku proved positive for our guy with a [2-1] victory! He then moved onward against NidhoGG Wawa where he swiftly defeated him and carried on to Top 8 in Winners!

In Winners, we saw a familiar match with Nakk vs. NRG HookGangGod. This time, however, Piccolo defeated Goku with a [0-2] loss and a trip to Losers. Our Panda had to rematch garireo yet again, but this time things turned out differently with a [1-2] defeat and a respectable 5th place finish.


Your favorite Hwoarang is back at it again, this time with an explosive performance at Summer Jam 12! Speedkicks made it to Top 32 in Winners where he faced MnT Trungy. The match ended with Speedkicks down and the beginning of his run in the Losers Bracket.

Our Panda was in it for the long haul, however, as he defeated Spero Gin and Walker furumizu to get into Top 8! There he faced Shadow 20z and defeated him [2-1].

Next up, Speedkicks challenged EQNX Joey Fury. The tense match went until the very last round, though it didn't go our Panda’s way with a close [1-2] loss and a 5th place finish.

With the new patch update releasing, make sure to watch Speedkicks  

Injustice 2

Hayatei was in Montreal for the Elite Circuit, competing against Injustice 2’s top players. First up, Hay played GunShow; the match ended with a [3-1] win and a spot against bc Biohazard. The tense matches resulted in a [1-3] defeat and a spot in Losers Bracket.

The Panda faced off against SoundsLikePAUSE and GunShow, all with convincing victories to eventually get his run back with Biohazard. This time, however, Hay went into Grand Finals against HoneyBee. The finals ended with HoneyBee taking it all and our boy coming in 2nd for the weekend.


-Zackary Potter