Panda Recap 10/2-10/8

Last week the pandas attended one of the most iconic annual Super Smash Bros. events along with the continuation of the the two PG Key online circuits.

The Big House 7

The premier tournament of the Midwest, The Big House 7 is one of the most prestigious and storied events in Super Smash Bros. history. Located in Michigan, many of the most renowned Super Smash Bros. players from around the world gathered to celebrate it’s 7th year anniversary.

Super Smash Bros. Melee

Coming off of his impressive performance at GameTyrant Expo, our very own Plup made his way to the Midwest to compete in both singles and doubles at The Big House 7. Once again teaming with legendary veteran EchoFox’s Mew2King, the duo advanced through round 1 pool play with relative ease to move on to phase 2 of pools. Running into stiffer competition in phase 2 of pools, Plup/Mew2King began with wins in two close sets against aMSa/Sanne [2-1] and Prince Abu/Wizzrobe [2-1] before sweeping mayb/HT [2-0] to reach top 8 through winner's side. Entering top 8, Plup/Mew2King would lose their first set to static doubles team Armada/Android [3-1] in Winners Semi-Finals. Dropping to losers bracket, Plup/Mew2King would be eliminated in their next set by Team Liquid’s duo Hungrybox/ChuDat, ending their doubles run at 5th place.

Moving on to singles, Plup cruised through both phase 1 and phase 2 pools without dropping a single game to make top 64 winner’s side. Continuing into top 64, Plup defeated MacD [3-0], PewPewU [3-0], and his doubles partner Mew2King [3-1] to guarantee his spot in top 8 winner’s side. Up next Plup faced one of his biggest tournament demons in Alliance’s Armada. To the surprise of many, Plup would defeat Armada [3-1] for the first time in his Melee career and become the 2nd player to ever take a set off of each of the “6 Gods of Melee”. Plup would then move on to beat Leffen [3-1] in Winners Finals to secure his place in Grand Finals. Unfortunately Plup would be double eliminated by the red-hot Hungrybox in Grand Finals for a stellar 2nd place finish.

Super Smash Bros. for Wii U

The panda duo of MVD and ESAM also traveled to Michigan to compete in both Super Smash Bros. for Wii U singles and doubles. Starting off with doubles, MVD/ESAM picked up 2 quick wins before running into the Japanese team of Abadango/Umeki. Struggling against one of the more unorthodox teams, MVD/ESAM would pick up the win in a close game 3 [2-1] to advance into top 24 bracket play. The panda duo moved on to defeat Counter Logic Gaming’s static duo of VoiD and NAKAT before losing to another peculiar team in Light/Pugwest [3-1]. Falling to losers bracket, MVD/ESAM would drop the next set to the Bayonetta duo of CaptainZack/Mistake [3-2] in one of the closest sets of the event, ending with a 5th place finish.

Heading into singles, ESAM quickly cruised through phase 1 pools to progress into phase 2 pools winner’s side without dropping a game. ESAM would continue on to defeat Chrim Foish [2-0] before running into Japanese Duck Hunt Dog main Raito. In a slow but nail biting-set, Raito would come out on top of ESAM [2-1] sending ESAM to losers bracket. Facing Elexaio in the play in game for top 32, ESAM snuck by with a [2-1] win to advance into bracket play. ESAM’s The Big House 7 run would come to an end in his first set of top 32 after losing to Luminosity Gaming’s Abadango [3-1], finishing in 25th place.

The other half of the panda duo continued his upward trend of recent tournament performances at The Big House 7. Running into a few close sets early against Geist [2-1] and Gnox [2-1], MVD would advance into phase 2 pools winner’s side. Picking up momentum in phase 2 of pools, MVD defeated exJORDANary [2-0] and upset Luminosity Gaming’s Abadango [2-0] to progress into top 32 bracket play. Continuing his string of upsets, MVD defeated Phoenix 1’s Tweek [3-0] and Beast Coast’s Mr. R [3-1] to make top 8 winner’s side. Facing stiff opposition in Renegade’s own Dabuz, MVD would fall [3-1] to the losers bracket after a close loss. MVD would then be eliminated by Marss [3-0] in his first set in losers bracket for a strong 5th place finish.

PG Key to DreamHack Denver

The PG Key to DreamHack Denver Circuit continued on with it’s third and penultimate week of action. Congratulations to Bri0 for defeating Willscarlet [3-1] in the week 3 finals!

PG Key: WiFi Warriors Circuit

After another week of high-octane action in the PG Key: WiFi Warriors Circuit, here’s your current top 4 standings:

  1. IcyMist
  2. Raffi-X
  3. Lusifer
  4. Twi