Panda Recap: 10/16-10/22

After an off-week last week, the panda crew returns to action attending one of the most prestigious event series in esports’ short history.

DreamHack Denver

Located in the heart of Colorado, the famous esports series DreamHack returned to Denver for it’s fourth event in the United States. Hosting a wide variety of titles, several of our best and brightest competed at DreamHack Denver over the weekend.

Super Smash Bros. for Wii U

The static panda duo in MVD and ESAM flew out to Denver last weekend to compete in DreamHack’s Smash Series. Beginning the weekend with doubles, MVD/ESAM ran through the first 3 rounds of bracket play before dropping their Winners Semi-Finals set to Larry Lurr/Abadango [2-0]. Falling to losers bracket, MVD/ESAM won a duo of tough sets against Fabian/Jesus [2-1] and Dakpo/Karna [3-2] to reach Losers Finals. Facing a stoic double Cloud team in Mew2King/Javi, MVD/ESAM dispatched the duo [3-0] to reach Grand Finals losers side. MVD/ESAM would then complete the runback against Larry Lurr/Abadango, double eliminating them in Grand Finals [3-0;3-1] to take a spectacular 1st place finish.

Coming off one of his best performances of the year at The Big House 7, Diddy Kong specialist MVD put together another admirable performance at DreamHack Denver in singles. Starting off the event by cruising through pools without dropping a game, MVD would drop his first set in top 32 against Dakpo [3-1] to fall to losers bracket. Continuing to fight through losers, MVD defeated Cano [3-0] and Shoe [3-1] before being eliminated by Cosmos [3-2] in one of the closest matches of the evening. MVD’s DreamHack Denver run would come to an end with a 9th place finish.

ESAM also began his singles event by running through pools only dropping one game in the process. Entering top 32, ESAM defeated Jesus [3-0] and Cosmos [3-2] in a nerve-wrecking set to progress into top 8 winners side. ESAM would fall to TeamSoloMid’s ZeRo [3-1] in Winners Semi-Finals before being eliminated by the red-hot Salem [3-2] for an impressive 5th place finish.

Tekken 7

With only a month before the Tekken 7 World Tour Finals, our very own Speedkicks attended DreamHack Denver to compete in the final United States qualifier. Beginning the weekend in signature style, Speedkicks flew through pools without dropping a single game. Moving into top 8, Speedkicks fell to Joey Fury [2-1] in a close set in Winners Semi-Finals. Dropping to losers bracket, Speedkicks defeated Jchantra [2-0], Anakin [2-1] and achieved the runback against Joey Fury [3-1] to advance to Grand Finals. Speedkicks would then be eliminated by jimmyjtran [3-2] in an extremely close set for a stellar 2nd place finish.


Our first panda to compete in Hearthstone at DreamHack Denver was none other than rayC. After taking the first 3 rounds in a row, rayC would end with a 5-4 record defeating leader1323 [3-1], Hawkeye [3-1], Tyrant [3-2], Clark [3-0], and SeaMoose [3-0] finishing in 45th place.

Our second panda to compete in Hearthstone over the weekend was the illustrious HotMEOWTH. Finishing with a 7-2 record, HotMEOWTH defeated SayBaguette [3-1], Mordekaiser [3-0], Monsato [3-2], Demigod [3-2], Grantopolo [3-1], Yuukisensei [3-1], and cows [3-2] to move on to top 16 bracket play. HotMEOWTH would continue on to defeat Fenom [3-1] before being eliminated by rosty [3-1] in quarterfinals for an impressive 5th place finish.

Red Bull Proving Grounds

While most of the action last weekend was centered around DreamHack Denver, a few pandas traveled to Chicago to fight for a stone and a spot at the Marvel vs Capcom: Infinite Battle for the Stones invitational at Red Bull Proving Grounds.

Marvel vs Capcom: Infinite

Our first panda to compete at Red Bull Battlegrounds last weekend was the fighting game swiss army knife Coach Steve. Coach Steve would cruise through pools making into top 8 winners side before dropping his first set in winners top 8 to Echo Fox’s SonicFox [3-1]. Falling to losers, Coach Steve would be eliminated in a team kill by fellow panda RayRay [3-1] finishing with a strong 5th place.

The next panda to compete was the Alpha himself, Punk. Continuing the trend of running through pools, Punk defeated Circa Esports’ Joey D to make top 8 winners side. Facing Cloud805 in Winners Semi-Finals, Punk would fall [3-0] before being eliminated by Neokarsh [3-2] in an extremely close set. Punk would end his run with a 5th place finish.

Entering the event as one of the early premier players in Marvel vs Capcom: Infinite, the last panda to play at Red Bull Battlegrounds was RayRay. RayRay would find difficulty early dropping his Winners Semi-Finals set in pools against Tayson [2-1]. Not complacent with his performance, RayRay put together an impressive losers run defeating Scamby [2-0], Dual Kevin [2-1], and eliminating Tayson [2-1] in the runback to make top 8. Continuing his losers run, RayRay defeated Joey D [3-1], Coach Steve [3-1], and Neokarsh [3-1] before being eliminated in Losers Finals by SonicFox [3-2] in one of the most intense sets of the night. RayRay would finish in 3rd place.