Panda Global Welcomes Toshiba as our Newest Sponsor!

Panda Global is elated to announce their latest sponsorship by Toshiba. Both the team and the tech giant look forward to the opportunities ahead.

"Panda Global is proud to bring Toshiba into the esports space. The Toshiba-OCZ Series SSDs is a perfect fit for the esports enthusiast so it's a natural fit for us!" said Alan Bunney MD, Panda Global CEO

The team has worked with OCZ in the past and this new relationship with Toshiba signifies the reaffirmation of both organizations' commitment to growth within esports.

“Toshiba America Electronic Components, Inc. understands the unique needs of gamers and we are constantly striving to deliver high-performance SATA and NVMe solid state drives to empower eSports and gaming enthusiasts,” said Alex Mei, VP of Consumer SSDs and Storage Outbound Marketing at Toshiba. “Panda Global will be leveraging our retail Toshiba-OCZ Series SSDs throughout the year when training and competing and we are thrilled to work with such a fast growing and talented team.”