Wolfey and Cybertron, I Choose You! Panda Global Ventures into Pokemon VGC

Today marks PG’s newest venture for our team, Pokemon Video Game Championships! With that we bring in two new Pandas: Wolfe “Wolfey” Glick and Aaron “Cybertron” Zheng.

“I’ve wanted to jump into the scene for a very long time now. One thing that sets fighting games apart from other esports are their long grassroots history, played long before “esports” was a thing, and we think scenes like that are worth supporting. Pokémon VGC is a scene that fits within that mold. A storied history of competition, an awesome community that’s thriving, and a rich tournament scene to watch. It checked all the right boxes for Panda Global.” Alan Bunney, CEO, says on the move to the popular Nintendo title.

Aaron “Cybertron Zheng

Aaron Zheng is a back-to-back National Champion in Pokemon, with a well regarded career competing, commentating and creating content. Presently, he’s kept busy as an official commentator for Pokemon since 2016, most recently seen on the mic at the Sydney International Championships back in February.

Aaron is excited to be a part of PG and inspired by the comradery we’re known for: “I think that's pretty rare on a lot of the larger esport teams. I've been a big fan of many PG players like Plup, Zain, Infiltration, and ESAM. It's also cool to be on the same team as rayC since we used to play the Pokemon TCG together way back in the day.”

As far as his current teammate Wolfe goes, Aaron is excited to be with one of his closest friends in the competitive scene! “I attribute a lot my early success and growth as a player to him. We used to practice with each other a lot during 2011 & 2012 and I'm looking forward to brainstorming ideas with him and training together again now that we're both representing PG,” he says.

"Most PG fans are probably unfamiliar with the competitive Pokemon scene so I hope you give us a shot! If you're interested in checking it out, the NA International Championships will be streamed this weekend from Friday to Sunday! You can get all the details here. I'll be commentating and Wolfe will be playing so there'll be plenty of PG represented!”

Look forward to seeing Aaron this year competing and commentating, and be sure to check out his YouTube for additional Pokemon content that he’s looking to only further his content with the help of our equity partner Alpharad!

Wolfe “Wolfey” Glick

Wolfe is a established competitor in Pokemon VGC, with the highest placing at World Championships out of any American, and holds a World Championship title from 2016. Having this top competitor on the team has us excited to see what’s next.

Our CEO, Alan, weighs in on signing Wolfey: “When thinking of the Pokemon VGC one of the first names that came to mind was Wolfe. I've known about him for a long time and we've been following him on Twitter as well. When I delved deeper into the community to learn who could be a good fit for PG and who made a positive impact in the community, I realized Wolfe would make a fantastic Panda.”

Wolfe alike is excited for signing on the same time as his old friend Aaron. The two go back to Wolfe’s first win at a tournament, while Aaron took the title in the younger division at the time. “Aaron’s been a huge part of my journey through Pokemon over the years, so it makes it even better that we’re sharing this next big step for our community,” Wolfe says.

Look out for Wolfe this weekend at the North American International Championships of course and be sure to check out his Twitter for all of his updates and content! He’s also pushing his YouTube channel saying, “I’m making a lot of YouTube videos at the moment. My goal is one every day of July and so far I’m on track, so if you want to see some competitive Pokemon feel free to check it out!”

This new territory for PG is exciting and we can’t wait to see how this new team will elevate who we are! Alan closes with this:

“I'm confident that Wolfe and Cybertron will make phenomenal Pandas, and the nice thing about Pokemon is how ubiquitous it is. Everyone knows Pokemon! We think that Panda is really good at shedding the light on smaller competitive scenes that don't get much spotlight, like anime fighting games, Smash 64, or Rivals of Aether. We're able to show a larger audience that these games, their players, and the community they belong to are worth watching. They're worth the time we put into them. We think that Pokemon VGC will turn out just the same and we can't be more excited to enter the scene”

We hope you’re as thrilled as we all are with this announcement! For further updates check here as well as our Twitter and our Discord.



-Zackary Potter