Panda Global Enters Shadowverse

Panda Global is excited to announce their entrance into Shadowverse esports with the pick-up of two well-versed competitors: Akamarured and Zerofyne.

Akamarured has proven he is a force to be reckoned with through his consistent EU Shadowverse Open victories, which led him to a qualifying spot in the 2017 Shadowverse World Grand Prix. His unconventional deck choices resulted in a second-place finish after a grueling two-day global tournament. He’s eager to step out on the Tokyo stage again this year and take his portion of the massive $1,310,000 2018 World Grand Prix prize pool.

Zerofyne has amazed the Shadowverse competitive community with his impressive 2018 Shadowverse Open league points lead. In a game of tactics and chance, he has been a dependable winner time and time again -- a testament to his depth of competence in this arena. Panda Global is thrilled to be a part of this gifted player’s journey.


"Panda Global is delighted to step into Shadowverse esports with players we think fit our style thoroughly. We’re excited to see what the next chapter for these players will bring with the full support of Panda Global by their side."

                                                           - Alan Bunney MD, Panda Global CEO


You can track these players progress in Shadowverse esports at

Twitter: @PandaGlobal
Twitch: team/PandaGlobal

YouTube: PandaGlobal
Facebook: PandaGlobalPG
Instagram: @ PandaGlobalPG

Akamarured: @PG_Akamaru

Zerofyne: @PG_Zerofyne