Panda Global at TSB

This past weekend at Super TSB in Brooklyn, Panda Global’s anime fighting roster gave strong finals performances, with SKD taking the top spot in BlazBlue and Nakkiel clashing against some fellow Summit of Power competitors to earn a top 8 finish.


SKD doubled up as a competitor and a host for Super TSB. “Going into TSB this year, it's always been a local to me and always will be,” he reflected, “...and while I do want to compete, I think first and foremost I want to be a good ‘host’ at my home local for the out of state competitors.”


SKD brought the pressure with his renowned Izayoi and always-present aggressive playstyle this past weekend -- breezing through the Blazblue bracket to grand finals where he had some intense back-and-forth rounds against Stein. He took a 3-1 victory in the set to become this year’s Super TSB champ.

SKD looks forward to Combo Breaker at the end of May and facing off against one of the best BlazBlue players in the world, Cyclops Fenrich. SKD affirms this will be a good chance to push what his Izayoi can do and a stage for him to exhibit the potential he sees in the character.

Nakkiel came out to Super TSB with an impressive showcase of his DBFZ skills and his acclaimed Adult Gohan play.


“This wasn’t my first Super TSB, so I was expecting the event to feel pretty laid back as usual. I was fairly confident I would make top 8 at worst and was happy to continue getting practical experience leading up to the Summit of Power,” Nakkiel said.


Nakkiel started his Top 8 run on the Winner’s side against Echo Fox’s SonicFox, but quickly found himself on the other side of the bracket after a 2-0 loss. In his first set against Supernoon, Nak took the series 2-1 with impressive Adult Gohan combos and mix-ups, as well as a clutch Goku at the end of the third match. Continuing on to Loser’s Semi-Finals against NRG’s Hookganggod ( someone who is also appearing at the Summit of Power),  Nakkiel came up short however and his tournament run ended with a 2-1 loss to Hookganggod, leaving him in fourth place

Make sure to check out Nakkiel’s hosted Panda Global FighterZ tournament coming in May and prepare for his sure to be an explosive appearance at the Summit of Power, June 8 - 10.


                                                                                         -Zackary Potter