Panda Global at Texas Showdown

PG descended on the lone star state this past weekend for Texas Showdown with all three of our competitors getting top 8 appearances.

Nakkiel coming straight back from Super TSB, gave a highlight performance in DBFZ. Coasting into top 8 on the Winners side, Nakkiel started his run with a 2-1 win over NRG Hookganggod with an incredible showcase of his Gohan. In winner’s finals, however, Nakk fell to ChrisG (3-0) and was sent to the loser’s side of the bracket. We then saw a rematch against Hookganggod, but unfortunately this time, “Big Snakk” was defeated (3-0) for third place in the event.

Nakkiel has certainly been showing some great moments against future “Summit of Power” players and we look forward to his performance there on June 8-10 and Vancouver Battle Royale this coming weekend.

Kitana Prime brought out his Harley Quinn to compete in Injustice 2. While also competing, he also gave some great commentary for other pools leading to the Top 8. KP entered the Top 8 on the Loser’s side after a loss to Ominous (3-0). His first set pitted him against BeyondToxin’s Scarecrow and was eliminated at (3-1) taking seventh for the weekend.

Back from a week of training in South Korea, Speedkicks was ready to show off what he learned with an incredible run in Tekken 7 -- featuring lots of characters including an impressive Dragunov. We saw Speedkicks push all the way to Winner’s Finals where he, unfortunately, fell to Red Bull’s Anakin (3-0). He fought his way back to Grand Finals for a rematch, falling just short of his goal (3-1) and bringing home 2nd place. We are looking forward to seeing our teammate make his way up in the Tekken World Tour with a revitalized and strategic approach he’s been playing.



- Zackary Potter