Panda Global at Shine 2018

All aboard the Zain train! Our smash team did incredible this past weekend at Shine in Boston. With Cosmos repping the Wii U team, SuperBoomFan dominating in 64, Fullstream playing Rivals, and of course Zain and Plup for Melee.

For Smash Wii U doubles, Cosmos held it down with partner VoiD in.The duo faced Dark Wizzy and Mr E in Winner’s Quarters. The set started with Cosmos/Void going Corrin and Sheik while Dark Wizzy/Mr. E went Mario and Lucina. The synergy and ledge controlling worked in their favor, especially on the last set on Battlefield and winning overall [2-1]. Carrying on on the Winner’s side, the Panda and his partner went up versus Immortals’ Anti and Echo Fox MKLeo.The tough matchup didn’t go in our guy’s favor; with a [3-1] loss sending them to  the loser’s bracket where they encountered MuteAce and Team Liquid Salem in Loser’s Quarter-Final. The match ended [3-1] with our team guys finishing in 5th place.

In singles, Cosmos breezed into Top 48 on the Winner’s side, where he met up against MVG Light’s Fox. The close match resulted in a [3-2] loss and the beginning of a Loser’s run. Our Panda trucked on -- defeating Ariel Ace and Marss along the way -- to the Top 8 qualifying match against C2G Dark Wizzy. With another game 5 just out of reach, Cosmos went home in 9th place [3-2].

Our Smash 64 savante, SuperBoomFan, absolutely dominated this past weekend. After winning all 4 games in the first Round Robin for seeding, Boom didn’t drop a single game the entire ride through to Grand Finals. After defeating Lowww, the unopposed Panda took home a well-deserved first place trophy. Fullstream was also in attendance for the Rivals tournament. The Panda had a solid run and took 5th for the tournament.

On to Melee, both of our Pandas flew into Top 8 on the Winner’s side! First up Plup took on Cloud 9’s Mang0: After some intense back and forths, Plup was sent to Loser’s side [1-3]. The loss was bittersweet, as at least it avoided a team clash as Zain made his way through his side of the bracket. In a nail-biting match versus Team Liquid’s HungryBox, our Panda would rise victorious [3-2], securing himself a spot in the Winner’s Finals.  

Plup carried on in Loser’s, taking out Tempo Storm’s S2J [3-2] to face Hungrybox  --a matchup we have become familiar with -- for a spot Grand Finals. Unfortunately, the  match did not end in Plup’s favor, and the [1-3] loss saw our Panda sent home in 4th place.

With another [3-2] victory over Mang0’s Falco, Zain took his seat on the Winner’s side of Grand Finals where he would rematch Hungrybox. With a [3-1] win, the Zain Train pulled into the station, and Panda Global celebrated Zain’s first Major win!As a sort of newcomer against the Melee giants, Zain is making big waves with this win and we couldn’t be more excited for the future.


- Zackary Potter