Panda Global at SCR 2018

The Panda Boys hit the freeway to Ontario for SoCal Regionals 2018 this past weekend. We saw Speedkicks spring into action with season 2 Hwoarang and Kitana Prime all over the commentary space; while Nakkiel powers up and Hayatei makes a statement for Injustice 2.


Nakkiel instant transmitted into top 32 Winners to take on Echo Fox’s Dekillsage. After some quick matches and defeat [0-2], our Panda saw the Loser’s side against ZONG_one. Nakk couldn’t keep up momentum and was eliminated [0-2] at 17th.

Our Saiyan warrior isn’t down and out however! Watch out for Nakkiel at CEOtaku on September 22-23.

Injustice 2

The venue caught excitement early Saturday morning as your favorite Robin main, Hayatei, came out swinging for the Injustice Pro Series event. Hayatei went full force into Top 8 winners, thanks to his optimal play leading into the finals. Hay took on Grr for some intense sets; The matchup against Atom looked tough as our guy was down [1-2] until Hayatei bounced back to a [3-2] victory and a shot against Echo Fox Sonic Fox in Winner’s Finals. The Panda faced the Fox and his Canary in a challenging set. Hay fell into Loser’s [1-3] and went up with EVO champ, Noble Rewind. Our guy couldn’t be stopped however, as he grinded out a [3-1] win and a seat in Grand Finals.



In Grand Finals, Hayatei inched as close as he could, though took second to Sonic Fox with a [2-3] defeat. Look forward to Hayatei performing more in the Injustice Pro Series as well as the finals coming up later this year.

Though Hayatei did absolutely phenomenal in his bracket run, we’d also like to believe he got some of that energy from Kitana Prime’s always-engaging commentary for the whole Top 8!


Tekken 7

Speedkicks is back in the Tekken World Tour with his new (and improved) Hwoarang in season 2! Kicks was on a mission for that Top 8 seat, kicking whoever he could to be on Winner’s. In Top 32, our Panda went against Obscure and quickly took control with a [2-0] victory. Next up, Speedkicks showed no mercy against Echo Fox JDCR with a surprising control and [2-0] victory over the Heihachi main. After the convincing wins, our guy was sitting tight in Top 8 Winners.

After some odd scheduling issues, Speedkicks arrived in the nick of time for his match against jimmyjtran in a ‘Rang v Bryan matchup. The tough, close matches finished with a [1-2] loss and a spot in Losers Quarter Final against Shadow 20oz. Speedkicks tried to bounce back but couldn’t hold up momentum as he was eliminated shortly [0-2] with a 5th place result.

The excitement has only begun for this Panda in season 2, so look out for the Hwoarang master for the remainder of the Tekken World Tour!


- Zackary Potter