Panda Global at Combo Breaker

The last weekend of May (25-27) the majority of Panda Global’s Fighting Game roster, along with Smash 4, made the trip out to Chicago for this year’s Combo Breaker, one of the biggest fighting game tournaments out there!

Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition

Infiltration has been on fire with his CPT attendance; making top 8 in every premier event so far, and Combo Breaker was no exception. Infiltration pushed into top 24 on the winner’s side before facing-off against Team Razer’s Xian. The matchup was a tough one against Xian’s Ibuki, and despite a switch to Juri Infil found himself on the Loser’s side. Unfazed, our Panda defeated Tokido (2-1) to move on to Top 8 against UYU’s Oil King.

Our fighter controlled the matches against Oil King with his quick and aggressive Juri and took it 3-0. Infil then brought out his Menat to go up against Red Bull Bonchan’s Karin and Nash and came up (3-1) and went on to Loser Semi-Final with Team Liquid’s Nemo. Our guy brought out his Juri again to defeat Nemo in Loser’s Semi 3-0 and progress to Loser’s Finals for runback with Razer Xian. The match looked good at first for our fighter with a 2-0 lead, but Xian came back and took it 3-2 and our fighter finished in third for the weekend behind Xian in second and NL in first.

With the 300 points that come with the placement, Infiltration is now second with 1330 and only 20 points behind Tokido!

Smash Wii U

The dynamic duo, Esam and MVD, came out to compete in both doubles and singles events for Smash Wii U at the Nintendo sponsored event. We saw the two take a commanding first place in doubles  and both making Top 8 in singles. The two Pandas would end up facing each other in Loser’s Semis, resulting with Esam taking it 3-1 and eliminating MVD in fourth place. Esam continued to Loser’s Finals but was defeated in a close match against E2C tyroy (3-2) and finished third for the weekend.

Injustice 2

Three Pandas (Hayatei, Coach Steve, Kitana Prime) took part in the  Injustice 2 tournament. Coach Steve and KP fell early on in pools, while Hayatei pushed into top 24 on the Winner’s side. Falling to  Noble Tweedy, Hayatei was and sent to the Loser’s bracket where he pushed through until facing Echo Fox’s SonicFox and was eliminated in 13th place.

KP also competed in MKX and took 13th for the event.

Anime Fighters

Nakkiel made it into Top 24 for DBFZ where he met TSM Leffen in the Loser’s Bracket and was eliminated, taking 17th for the weekend. We look forward to seeing Nakk at upcoming events including the Summit of Power happening later this month!

MarlinPie came out for Guilty Gear in a tough bracket. Using Zato, our guy mowed into Top 24 on the Winner’s side before being  sent to loser’s by PepperySplash. He was eventually eliminated by BjornSonOfBear (2-0) for 13th place.

SKD competed in hopes of facing Cyclops’ Fenritti at Combo Breaker and definitely got what he wanted. Our guy pushed into Winner’s Finals against Cyclops’ champion in a tough battle 3-2 in favor of Fenritti. SKD would defeat garireo (3-1) to get a runback at Grand Finals. The results ended the same however with a 3-2 loss against Fenritti and a second place finish, but it seems SKD is still pumped to face him again:

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Tekken 7

Speedkicks was also among the Pandas in attendance. Our man was sent to losers in Pools by KoDee 2-1 and then trucked on into Top 24 with his always top-level Hwoarang. Speedkicks then faced hitonCH_GoAttack but was defeated 2-0 to finish in 17th.

We couldn’t be prouder of our Pandas and can’t wait to see many of them attend E3 and other events in the coming weeks!


- Zackary Potter