NCR 2018 - Nakkiel Joins Panda Global

Panda Global’s impressive roster had a strong presence this past weekend at the talent-packed NorCal Regionals 2018. The team definitely made a statement with DBFZ player, Nakkiel, making his momentous debut during top 8, Infiltration showing why his Menat is one of the best in world and Speedkicks’ top 16 run at the first North American Tekken World Tour event.

Taking advantage of the tournament landing on April Fool’s day, the team treated the crowd and viewers online to a good-natured prank. Earlier in the day, Team YP teased a photo on Twitter of Nakkiel donning their jersey --  we even joined in on the gag by retweeting and congratulating him! Then, just before the beginning of his first match of top 8 finals, Nakkiel zipped-up a Panda Global hoodie over the YP jersey and formally announced that he’s joined our ranks. After falling in loser’s semis later to 2GB Combo [2-0], Nakkiel placed seventh overall.

Speedkicks was in attendance for the first North American stop of the 2018 Tekken World Tour. He breezed through pools into top 16 with his Kazumi and analytical playstyle, but had a difficult time facing UYU JeonDDing and lost in semis on the winner’s side [2-0]. He would then go on to be defeated by Circa Joey Fury in losers [2-0]. Speedkicks ultimately placed ninth for the weekend.

Infiltration came off hot from his Panda Global debut and win at Final Rounds by earning another top 8 slot at a Capcom Pro Tour event. Once again showing off his unrivaled Menat with precise combos and truly unmatched setups, he defeated Echo Fox’s Justin Wong in a Menat mirror in loser’s semis [3-1]. Down 2-1 against Fursan Verloren, Infil switched to Juri to come back and earn a spot in loser’s finals. Our champ then fell short to Cybeast Daigo in loser’s semifinals [3-0] to place fourth overall.

With that, Infiltration is placed comfortably second in the CPT standings with 860 points, with third currently being Nuckledu with 330 points, he stands closely behind Echo Fox’s Tokido who holds 1120 points at the time.     



                                                                                                  - Zackary Potter