Monday Recap (July 3 - 9)

The Pandas took advantage of this final weekend before EVO to get in some practice attending a variety of events across the country.

TGL Presents: Divided

In Florida, ESAM and MVD were up for the challenge at TGL Presents: Divided, a special edition of the monthly tournament devoted to settling the score between South and Central Florida once and for all.

They made their way through the Smash 4 singles bracket until both found themselves bumped to the Losers side by Manny. This unfortunately set them up for a team kill in Losers Finals: with the set going in ESAM’s favor MVD took 3rd place.

ESAM then returned for a rematch against Manny in Grands, but was unable to change the tides in this match-up and had to settle for 2nd place.


Rich Brown represented Panda Global at 2GGC’s Arms Saga (July 8-9). After a run-in with Tsu in pools Rich found himself entering the Top 8 on the Losers side.  With a tough Losers run ahead of him, our Panda was overtaken by Tweek’s Cloud and out of the competition in 17th place.

Go For Broke

Coach Steve headed over to Philly to attend the bi-weekly local Go For Broke (July 8) hosted by the LocalHost LAN Arena. With his focus set on Injustice 2, Steve demonstrated his phenomenal control of the match-ups: overthrowing both FacelessManTV’s Wonder Woman and KDZ’s Superman to take 1st place.