Enter: Let's Make Moves

After many months of anticipation from the Canadian-based organization - Even Matchup Gaming (EMG), Let’s Make Moves comes to life. (Franklin Township, New Jersey)

Let’s Make Moves finalized this last weekend, and the road to Genesis 6 has now begun. Leading up to Let’s Make Moves, top players have been training and attending tournaments within their respective regions; but this was the first event where mass travel took place, and talent from all over North America participated. The tournament capped at a whopping 457 attendees, 20+ of those attendees being talent that had recently ranked on the Panda Global Ranking: Top 100.

After a whole lot of Smash Bros was played, Gavin “Tweek” Dempsey (PGR: 100 - #7) was deemed the singles bracket champion, 3-0’ing Samuel “Dabuz” Buzby (PGR 100 - #4) in grand finals. Tweek and Panda Global’s own - Brian “Cosmos” Kalu (PGR 100 - #30) had also won the doubles bracket as a team.



Cosmos and Tweek are longtime training partners and had showcased a commanding run through doubles top 8, rocking the combination of both Inkling and Wario. At first glance, the two characters don’t appear to have much synergy together; but with the skills and awareness that this team possesses, they were able to trump multiple teams of ranked players. Ultimately, 3-0’ing the duo of - Paris “Light” Ramirez (PGR 100 - #42) and Ruben “Xion” Rodriguez in grand finals. This impressive finish by Cosmos and Tweek has certainly placed a bounty on their team for events to come.

In the singles bracket, Cosmos finished at 17th place; he was eliminated by Larry “Larry Lurr” Holland (PGR 100 - #8) in a game 3. Larry Lurr proceeded to make top 8 and finish at 3rd place with Fox.


Let’s Make Moves contained every element that embodies the perfect tournament. It had a blend of both veterans and new players, it had upsets, character diversity, multiple streams, and talented casters. Not only that, but when all was said and done? Even Matchup Gaming steps up and announces a TOURNAMENT CIRCUIT! So if you missed the first Let’s Make Moves, be sure to follow their media and stay notified for future installments!

We’ve entered the new year, and Genesis 6 is around the corner. Players will take what they have learned from this event, they will apply those discoveries to their play, and they’ll train accordingly in order to become the Genesis Champion. It’s a new era.

See you in a month!


- Alessandro “Thwack" Poehlman