Three Pandas spent the weekend of July 23rd in sunny California: competing in the final installment of KTAR Saga. Dating back to 2009, the Smash 4 series hosted by Keitaro is regrettably coming to a close; but not without one last hurrah in collaboration with 2GGT.

Panda Global was proud to be represented by MVD, SS and Zan: who earned 9th, 9th and 7th place respectively.

In order to grab a spot in the Top 48, SS had to go head-to-head with Rich Brown, who had beaten his Villager at EVO weeks prior. Learning from that experience, SS opted to use his counter-pick Cloud this time around, a decision which earned him a 2-1 victory.

MVD entered the Top 24 on the Losers side, booted from the Winners bracket by Larry Lurr (0-2). He likewise went up against Rich Brown’s MewTwo, achieving an impressive 2-0 over the player who had been responsible for sending him home at EVO.

The Panda’s Diddy Kong took out Elegant (3-1) - a high ranking Luigi player from the so-cal area - to jump into Top 12. However, he quickly fell to Falln’s Rosalina in the next match (2-3) - unable to break-through his foes heavily defensive playstyle.

In the first round of Top 12 Winners, SS fell to Marss (who would go on to challenge PinkFresh in Grand Finals). Our Panda’s hunger for the win found him fighting an upwards battle, and fishing for kills earned him a punishing 0-3 defeat.

Sent to the Losers bracket, SS faced-off against his teammate Zan. While Zan’s Toon Link often struggles against Villager, he was able to force his fellow Panda to play his game, rewarding him with a convincing lead. Although SS was able to turn the tables in his favor in game 2, a switch to Ness set Zan up to take the match (3-1).

Zan advanced to the Top 8 where he was once more pitted against VoiD, whom he had achieved a striking 2-0 victory over in pools. Despite his earlier triumph, Zan continued to second guess himself; this combined with stage choices decidedly not in his favor ultimately led to the Pandas defeat (0-3).

The Smash scene is gearing up for this year’s SmashCon: taking place August 11-14 at the Dulles Expo Center in Chatilly, VA. The tournament features Melee and Smash 4, alongside Brawl and Smash for N64. The entirety of Panda’s Smash force will be in attendance, including: Wobbles, Plup, MVD, ESAM, Trela, SS and Zan.