Panda Global Invasion: Frosty Faustings XI

It has been an excellent weekend at Frosty Faustings XI for the Pandas who specialize in anime-fighters (Elmhurst, Illinois)

Deep within the cold midwest is Frosty Faustings: an annual tournament series that celebrates fighting games from across the entire spectrum. With over 30 different tournaments -- including a special mystery tournament bracket -- this event has become a must-attend for many FGC players around the world.

Competing at Frosty Faustings were Panda Global’s very own Kyohei “MarlinPie” Lehr (Guilty Gear Xrd -REVELATOR-), Jachin “SuperKawaiiDesu” Harte (BlazBlue, Central Fiction) and Derek “Nakkiel” Bruscas (Dragonball Fighter Z). All three players had magnificent tournament runs and finished within the top 8; which is quite the feat when there were 200+ players per bracket and ARCREVO world qualifying points on the line.

Beginning with MarlinPie and his character I-No, who came in at 5th place in Guilty Gear (the most attended tournament of the three). After qualifying for top 8 Marlin quickly fell to Jam player - “Tersea” [2-0] in Winner’s Semi-Finals. From there, the Panda went on to play Elphelt player - Eli “LostSoul” Rabadad in Loser’s Quarters, where he was eliminated [2-1] in some ridiculously close games. LostSoul finished at 4th place.

Interesting to note: both top 16 and top 8 all contained unique characters

Next is SuperKawaiiDesu (SKD) and his trusty character Izayo, who finished 2nd in BlazBlue, snagging those sweet ARCREVO world qualifying points. SKD won his Winner’s Semi-Finals match very convincingly over Michael “Betadood” Armstrong’s Ragna [2-0]. SKD then fell in a close game 5 situation with Ryuji “DORA_BANG” Utsumi, who sent him to Loser’s Finals where he trumped Jona “Jona” Kim [3-2] and found his way to the Grand Finals. Unfortunately, SKD couldn’t best DORA_BANG’s illusive playstyle with the character Bang, and fell [3-0] to finish 2nd.

Finally, to top it off we have Nakkiel finishing at 3rd in Dragonball, rocking the trio of Gotenks, Gohan (Adult), and Yamcha throughout the bracket. Top 8 began with Nakkiel’s match versus NRG’s Steve “Supernoon” Carbajal, who Nakkiel defeated [2-1], allowing him to proceed to Winner’s Finals where NRG’s Eduardo “HookGangGod” Hook had the opportunity to avenge his teammate in some really close games -- beating Nakkiel [3-0]. From there, we enter Loser’s Finals where Nakkiel was eliminated [3-1] by EG’s Christopher “NyChrisG” Gonzalez 3-1, finalizing his placement.

We are very impressed with the performance of our players in their respective fighting games, but that doesn’t mean they’re not hungry to climb even higher. It’s always a treat when national tournaments allow for so many fighters to be played on a grand scale, as it allows our Pandas to root and support each other in the same venue, despite what game they play.

Alessandro “Thwack” Poehlman