Frostbite 2017 & Naptown Clutch VI

Frostbite 2017 & Naptown Clutch VI

Panda Global was busy the last weekend of February, with Rayray showcasing his skill in Marvel at Naptown Clutch VI in Indianapolis; while Smash 4 players MVD and Rich Brown headed North to take on the competition at Frostbite 2017.

Naptown Clutch VI

Rayray came out on top in Marvel at Naptown Clutch, taking down two EVO champions consecutively to take first place: First besting KaneBlueRiver (Hulk, Sentinel, Haggar)  [3-1] in Winners Finals before eliminating NyChrisG ((Morrigan, Dr. Doom, Vergi) in an electrifying Grand Finals set [3-1].

Our conquering Panda was not only there for Marvel: He took 9th place in Street Fighter V,  after losing to Diablo Bison on both the Winners [1-3] and Losers [0-3] side of pools.

Smash 4 Singles

Both Rich Brown and MVD found themselves on the Losers side of the Top 48 singles; and both went home in 25th place.

Rich Brown first fell to Shuton [1-2] in pools, then lost a close match against smasher1001 (Mario/Megaman) [2-3] in the second round of Top 48.

For his part, MVD played extraordinarily well this past weekend, only falling to the #3 and #2 ranked players on the PGR V2: First  Nairo’s ZSS in pools [0-2], followed by Ally’s Mario in the Top 48 Losers [1-3].