Final Round, ONOG Boston, Pax Arena

Final Round, ONOG Boston, Pax Arena

The weekend of March 10-12 was a busy one for Panda Global, with 16 players at 5 events competing in 7 separate games, plus an additional honorary panda -- the winner of the PG Key to Final Round, Saul L “MenaRD” Mena II -- along for the ride.

Hearthstone @ ONOG Boston

Ray C dominated Muzzy with a [3-0] victory in Winners Finals, sending the seasoned player to the Losers side for which he returned for an encore in Grands. The face-off did not disappoint, with these two earnest rivals taking it all the way to game 5, with Ray C taking the set and 1st place in the tournament.

An early run-in with bbgungun [1-3] resulted in HotMEOWTH making a Losers run. After a series of successful take-downs, he fell to Mitsuhide [1-3] for 13th place.

Final Round 20


Playing in his Panda jersey for the first time, SuperKawaiiDesu (Izayoi) had an extraordinarily successful run through the Winners bracket at Final Round. A determined Dogura (Azrael) was able to reset the bracket in a first Grand Finals set [2-3], and wrestle first place from our Panda with a second [2-3] victory.

Guilty Gear Xrd Revelator

MarlinPie found himself on the Losers side of Top 8 in Guilty Gear after falling to doren2k in pools. An unfortunate meeting with Goichi’s Millia sent Marlin home with 5th place [0-2].

Mortal Kombat XL

KitanaPrime -- TO and commentator extraordinaire -- entered the competition and come out in 13th place after falling to Lil Majin and KevoDaMaN1105.

Meanwhile, Hayatei had a rougher run this weekend, falling early in pools [0-3] to Saltface, followed by a [1-3] loss to Star Charge, sending him home in 17th.

Street Fighter V

Two Pandas shared 25th place in SFV at Final Round:

Punk suffered his first loss to recently departed Panda FChamp [0-2] -- a matchup he has traditionally struggled with. The young Panda went on to best Daigo [2-0], then ultimately fell to Itabashi Zangief.

Panda Global was proud to have MenaRD wearing the black and white for Final Round. The best Dominican Birdie player, MenaRD took no weak loses, falling only to 801 Strider and GO1.


Once again two Pandas shared a placing, with RayRay and MarlinPie coming in at 17th place in Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3.

RayRay suffered a loss at the hands of Ronan Healy, followed by IHeartJustice, ending his run in pools.

For his part, MarlinPie was bested in both Winners and Losers by ImmaAriesBaby, but not before demonstrating he still has a bone to pick in this iconic title.

Smash 4

Pax Arena

ESAM was among the 8 players invited to this exclusive Smash 4 exhibition at Pax East.

A narrow loss to Larry Lurr (Fox) [2-3] sent him to the losers side, where bested Marss (Sheik) [3-1].

Up against Dabuz (Rosalina), ESAM first sent in MewTwo and suffered a crushing defeat. Switching back to his main, Pikachu, helped close the gap the rest of the set but wasn’t enough to earn him the win [1-3], and he closed the weekend in 4th place.


Back home in Florida, MVD competed at the monthly tournament TGL -- getting second place after resetting the bracket against WormyNugget. The winner took home a flight to Midwest Mayhem 8: North American Tour.


Panda Global’s Paladins team went head-to-head with AGG at the first week of Master Qualifiers. After a dominating game 1 for the Pandas, AGG reverted to their comfort zone and well rewarded for it [1-2]. Their second match pitted them against team Eager, who took the win [0-3] and our Pandas were out in 4th place overall.