Final Round: Infiltration's Top 8 Reveal

The five-time Evo world champion and one of Street Fighter’s most recognized competitors made a stellar first impression as a member of our team. Infiltration pulled all the stops at Final Round 2018, with not only a dramatic jersey reveal but also an unstoppable performance and first place finish at the Capcom Pro Tour premier event.

Before his first match against Gachikun, our champ finally premiered to the world he is joining our ranks. Infil took Gachikun using the confident Juri he’s known for with a 3-1 victory in Winner’s Semis.

In Winner’s Finals, we witnessed an intense set against Echo Fox’s Tokido; a clash of Street Fighter V’s two giants this season where Infil showcased his careful and strategic Menat against Tokido’s Akuma. Winner’s finals ended with a close 3-2 win in favor of Infiltration.

We then saw a rematch between the two later in grand finals. Tokido took the first set, resulting in a reset at a close 3-2. Infil came back however with an intense set showing how both cautious and aggressive his Menat playstyle could be. His strong performance concluded with a 3-1 victory, proving once again he is someone to watch out for this season of the Capcom Pro Tour.

With a top-tier performance, our Final Round 2018 winner took home 700 points and a solid lead in the beginning of CPT with second receiving 270 points.    


                                                                                                     - Zackary Potter