Farewell Coach Steve and Bear

Farewell Coach Steve and Bear

Three years ago an unassuming resume from Steven “Coach Steve” Delgado appeared in our inbox. The winner of the FGC’s Rising Star award at Evo 2014, Coach Steve was young, hungry, and talented. At the recommendation of Filipino Champ (PG’s resident Evo Champion), we jumped at the chance to work with him. Over the years PG Coach Steve has competed at the top of many titles with outstanding success, once competing in six titles at a single major! But more than that, Coach integrated as part of the PG family.

Through the good times and the difficult times, we’ve been together with Coach Steve and he’s supported us just as much as we’ve supported him. Watching him win the first major of his career at Summer Jam, and the pure tears that followed, brought joy to the hearts of every member of Panda Global.

As time has passed, Coach has drifted away from PG in an attempt to find his own path in life. The time has, unfortunately, come for us to part ways with someone we consider a brother, and while it's a difficult separation, the bond we have will never break.

We'll always believe in Coach Steve and we know we’ll still see him competing for many years to come. Fight Coach, Fight!



Bear has been a staple of Panda Global for many years now. PG Bear existed before he was the tournament organizer of Genesis, Big House, Evo, and so many majors the community has come to know and love- but Bear’s talent is hard to contain in a single place.

We saw him go full-time with esports when he joined the wonderful company of Smash.gg where he expanded upon his already positive reputation in the community, as well as assisting us in running our PGkey series, to name only one of his many accomplishments as an employee there.

As of June 2018, Bear embarked on a new journey as the Esports Manager at ESA Las Vegas, a sign that it was time for him to hang up the black & white. Bear has officially parted ways with Panda Global to continue achieving incredible things in the community, and we will be sure to see him at the forefront of esports in Vegas as he continues his hard work!