Dreamhack Montreal Recap

We ate some poutine and experienced 1v1 esports action at Dreamhack in Montreal! The tournament was Kelazhur’s PG debut, our Co-Founder and Executive Operations manager joined the battle in Shadowverse, and much more this past weekend.

StarCraft II

First up our newest Panda, Kelazhur took part in the World Championship Series for StarCraft II. He took on a round-robin in Group Stages against opponents including: Namshar, Lambo and TIME. The first match had our Terran-player going against Namshar. Kelazhur was able to shut down the competition with a clean [2-0] win.

Up next on the agenda, he went all in on Lambo. The Zerg matchup over Terran wasn’t favorable for our guy however and ended up with a defeat [1-2]. Following up, Kelazhur faced TIME. The Terran mirror match resulted in a defeat at [0-2] and just short of a spot in the playoff bracket.

This is just the beginning for our Panda Cub so keep an eye out for him in the coming months in the StarCraft II WCS in the coming months.


One week since Pax West, and our boys HotMEOWTH and rayC went to the opposite end of the continent for the HCT Montreal event and a chance at grabbing some points. They started the day playing placement matches to battle for that top 16 bracket. After some hard fought matches, rayC fell short and drowned in the group pools. HotMEOWTH, however, blazed into the Top 16 where he played against NVD Hunterace. The cards weren’t in his favor however with a loss at [1-3].


Things were a little different at this tournament as not only our professional players, Zerofyne and Akumared were competing… but Jenna and David as well?! That’s right our staff is also crazy about the hit card game and took a go in the pools. They didn’t do half bad either as David got 35th and Jenna got 48th place. Jenna also cosplayed as Tenko and appeared as a guest for Top 8 commentary!

Now for Zerofyne and Akumared, the two deservedly made it into Top 16 on opposite sides of the bracket. Zerofyne took 14th overall for the tournament with a [5-3] record for the weekend and Akumared received 12th for the weekend with same record.

Super Smash Bros. Wii U

The dynamic that is ESAM and MVD returned this weekend as a team (and as competitors). In doubles, the two worked together to mow the competition into the Winner’s Semi-Final where they battled Z and Fwed. The match ended close but not on our guys side, as they were sent to the Loser’s bracket [1-2].

Onward and upward however, as they pushed into the Top 8 to face Silver and Jake. The two were on fire as they had a convincing [2-0] win! Their next opponents were Darkwolf and Venom in the Loser’s Quarter-Final. It was the end of the road for our guys as they were eliminated [0-2] and a 5th place finish.

Now in singles, we saw the boys both get a seat at the Top 8. MVD took out doubles’ opponents Venom [3-0] and Fwed [3-1] in that order to secure his spot in Top 8 Winners. ESAM was challenged by EMG SuperGirlKels in Winners round one, and was sent to Loser’s [1-3]. However, our Pikachu main was ready for the long journey as he trucked through a few opponents to earn that Top 8 spot.

In Top 8, we saw ESAM versus EMG Mistake. The Pika was out for some Bayonetta blood and prevailed [3-0], and continued on to Loser’s Quarter-Final. MVD went up against Ally in Winner’s Semis. The rounds were tough, as Ally was undeniable, and our Panda was sent to Loser’s to fight...ESAM in a Panda team kill. The heart-breaking matches ended narrowly with MVD taking the set [3-2], leaving ESAM with a 4th place finish. Finally, MVD got a rematch with Ally, though, this time being defeated [3-1] and received 3rd place for the weekend.

With Smash Ultimate on the horizon, you’ll want to keep a look out for these guys as they venture on into the Switch title and compete as well as make some top-tier content for all the PG fans!    



- Zackary Potter