DreamHack Austin 2017

DreamHack Austin 2017

DreamHack’s United States tour began April 28-30 with a stop in Austin, Texas. Panda Global’s presence was felt throughout the weekend, with players competing in Hearthstone, Super Smash Brothers, Pokken Tournament and Street Fighter V.

Street Fighter V

To the surprise of spectators and players alike, Punk had an early loss to CJ Truth in pools [1-2] to start his Top 48 on the Losers side. However, the dropped set proved a minor bump n the road as the Alpha proceeded to go 9-0 in Losers -- taking down Xiaohai, Daigo and Ricki Ortiz along the way. The veteran Justin Wong performed slightly better against our champ, managing to take a game before being sent home.

The Panda went on to reset the bracket vs Haitani [3-1], and then stole first place in one of the most hype grand finals sets in SFV history [3-2].

Super Smash Bros

Panda Global had competitors in both Smash Bros tournaments hosted by DreamHack: Plup in Melee, along with ESAM and MVD in Smash 4.


DreamHack featured one of the most unique Melee grand finals we’ve seen in awhile: With the competition coming down to a face-off between HungryBox’s Jigglypuff and Chu Dat’s Ice Climbers.

Plup entered the Top 8 on the Winners side after taking down Westballz Falco [3-1] and n0ne. He found himself up against Evo Champion HungryBox in the first round, who sent our Panda to the Losers side [0-3].

This loss placed Plup right in the path of Mew2King, who secured a [3-1] win over the Panda, ending his tournament run in 5th place.

Smash 4

Both Pandas made it out of their respective pools on the Winners side. MVD fell in the first round to CaptainZack’s Bayonetta [0-3] -- a set that erupted in controversy and discussion of a ledge-grab-limit. Despite the setback, MVD powered through the Losers bracket to get 9th place.

After being bested by Void [2-3], ESAM took out Locus [3-2] who had just eliminated fellow Panda MVD [2-3] in 5th place. His Pikachu was then pitted against ZeRo’s Diddy; a match that ESAM is not alone in his struggle to find an answer to. Our second Panda made it out in 5th place.

Pokken Tournament

Coach Steve fell early on in pools to H2, but quickly got his revenge when they met again on the Losers side where he secured the victory [2-0] and a spot in the Top 8.

He breezed through the Losers bracket, taking down Swillow [2-1] and Twixxie [2-1] before coming up against Suicune Master. Dropping the set against the Lucario player [1-3], our Panda went home with 3rd place.