DreamHack ATX & Smash N' Splash 4

This past weekend, our team split up to conquer two tournaments: With ESAM, MVD, Plup, Speedkicks, SKD and hearthstone heading down to Austin for Dreamhack’ while Zain, Wobbles, SuPeRbOoMfAn and FullStream made a splash in Wisconsin at SnS 4.

Dreamhack Austin

The Hwoarang pro himself, Speedkicks, had an amazing run in Tekken; coasting through to Winner’s Finals with his main to face NG-Obscure and his Alisa. The set ended in Speedkicks favor 3-1. He proceeded to Grand Finals with Four Wude -- in a face-off that evoked the sentiment that Speedkicks was “playing with his food.” Following his convincing 3-0 win, Speedkicks took home first place for the weekend.

SKD came out in similar style to his teammate. With the Izayoi main sitting pretty in Top 8 on the winner’s side. After defeating MILK_KAICHOU [2-1], our Panda continued to dominate in Winner’s Finals against Betadood in a convincing 3-1 result -- only to shortly see a run back of the two, which ended with an even more convincing victory for SKD 3-0 and a first place for our Panda.

Nakkiel put up a strong fight against the top players in the US for DBFZ. Breezing into TOP 24, our fighter faced a difficult match-up in NRG’s Hokkganggod in, resulting in a 2-0 loss and a seat on the loser’s for our champ. He began his Loser’s run against SonofSparda, keeping cool control of the set with a 2-0 win. Nakk then went up against formidable opponent, Echo Fox’s Dekillsage, and completely overcame his Adult Gohan with a 2-0 victory in Loser’s Semi-Final! The new Bardock main went on to fight NRG’s Supernoon and won 2-1 to continue to Loser’s Finals, where he was up against Evil Genius’ Chris G and fell 2-0, finishing fourth overall.

HotMeowth and Korextron were also in attendance for Hearthstone but fell in the Swiss rounds. You can see the results here.

Plup was on fire for Melee singles and doubles. Our guy stayed winning in doubles with Mike Haze and singles as well. In singles, Plup took on his doubles teammate, Mike Haze with Sheik at the start. After losing the first match, Plup switched over to Starfox to take it (3-2). He met La Luna in Winner’s finals in a Sheik v. Marth match. Plup ended up winning with a convincing 3-0. A follow up rematch between the two in Grand Finals ended again in our champs favor (3-1).

The Smash Wii U duo, ESAM and MVD, took second for the weekend losing to Larry Lurr and Samsora in Grand Finals with a 3-0 reset and losing 3-1. We saw both of the Pandas in Top 8 of singles later on, with Esam on the winner’s side and MVD on loser’s. MVD trucked through to Loser’s Semi-Final with his Diddy Kong to face Anti and his Mario. MVD had some difficulty in the match with 3-1 loss and ending his run in fourth.

Esam took on Samsora’s Peach first in Winner’s Semis and clinched it 3-2 to moveon to Winner’s Finals against Larry Lurr. The Pika main would pull through again with a 3-1 finish and a nice spot in Grand Finals on where he faced-off against Larry Lurr for a second time in a grueling 10 round game set. Esam barely missed with a 3-2 loss after reset and ended in second in the event.

Smash N’ Splash 4

Fullstream came out for Rivals of Aether and looked pretty comfortable going into Winner’s Top 8 for the event. His Ranno was insane with crazy punishes and setups, especially in his sweep over DolphinBrick in Winner’s Semis [3-0]. Fullstream took out Windows [3-0] along the way to Grand Finals. Our guy met a tough matchup against T2’s CakeAssault, resulting in a 3-1 loss after a reset and ended up in second.

SuperBoomFan gave a dominating performance, once again showing why he’s one of the best Smash 64 players out there with a first place finish! Staying on winner’s side the entire time, Boom busted out Captain Falcon to take out Kort [3-0] in semis. He progressed to Winner’s Finals, where he faced Wizzrobe and his Yoshi. Our guy ended up winning 3-1 over Wizzrobe and beat him again in Grand Finals [3-0].

Thanks to flight delays, Zain came to Smash N’ Splash just in time for pools and succeeded to Top 12. The boy took on top player, Team Liquid’s Hungrybox, though fell 3-1. The red Marth main carried on in loser’s, taking out Duck and Cloud 9’s Mang0 along the way. Our boy then went up against Smash Summit opponent, Armada, and lost [3-0] ending in fifth.

With that, another busy weekend in the books for our Pandas and we look forward to seeing many of them at E3 and CEO in the coming weeks!

- Zackary Potter