Dreamhack Atlanta: Hearthstone, Smash, Street Fighter V, Tekken 7

Seven of Panda Global's finest arrived on scene at Dreamhack Atlanta (July 21-23) prepared to take the competition by storm. The weekend was punctuated by one long sought-after win that showcased both this Panda's skill and ambition.



Plup powered his way through the Winners bracket, taking down Ryan Ford [3-0], Axe [3-2], and Mew2King [3-2] before coming up against HungryBox -- who eliminated him from Evo 2017. Winning the set 3-2 our Panda sent the prolific Puff player to the Losers side, only to face-off once again in the Grand Finals.

HungryBox was able to reset the bracket with a decisive [3-0] victory, but his celebration was short lived when Plup completely dominated the final set: Taking 1st place with a [3-0] win of his own.

Smash 4

ESAM got the best of Ned [2-0] for a spot on the Winners side of Top 64. He went on to defeat Dabuz’s Rosalina [3-1] before Larry Lurr sent him to the Losers side where a meeting with Mr. R [1-3] left our Panda in 9th place.

MVD had a rough start, running into VoiD in the last round of Pools to enter the Top 64 on the Losers end. [1-2]. Beat Blank [3-0] before he also ran into Mr. R, who after dropping game 1 with Sheik made the switch to Cloud which enabled him to get the upper hand and take the set. With a [2-3] loss, MVD went home with 17th place.

In Doubles our Panda team showed off their usual prowess, landing in 5th place with losses to two accomplished teams: MKLeo/Ally [0-2] and Nairo/ZeRo [0-2]

Street Fighter V

Punk arrived ready to reclaim his title as the Alpha. Seemingly effortlessly made his way through the bracket, taking out Dieminion with Karin and Nash [3-2], before besting Ice Effect’s Laura over 3 sets for 1st place.


Tekken 7

Speedkicks did not drop a single game until his run-in with P. Ling first round of Top 8. Bumped to the Losers side following a [0-2] defeat, the Panda made his way to the Losers Finals for a rematch. The tables were turned in his favor, and a [3-1] victory over P. Ling earned him a spot in the Grand Finals. Unable to defeat Anakin [1-3] Speedkicks took 2nd place.



With a closed deck list, Ray C and HotMEOWTH had their work cut out for them in Atlanta. Some incorrect bans resulted in Ray C being overcome by Aggro; while HotMEOWTH faced similar hard times in his own matches after round 3. Once it was clear they would not make it to the finals they dropped out, both going 3-3.

Notably, DrJikiniki -- a practice partner of both Pandas -- brought the same lineup as HotMEOWTH to Atlanta and won the tournament. While our team’s results were not as they anticipated, the experience has given them valuable feedback of what to work on for the next Dreamhack, to be held in Montreal in September.