Dreamhack Montreal and What’s to Come (featuring PG Akamarured)

Dreamhack Montreal finalizes, and the future for Shadowverse is looking bright

Dreamhack Montreal has concluded after some very exciting Shadowverse action. Tempo Storm’s Crumsion was crowned champion after an impressive 3-0 victory over Omega. Panda Global’s own Akamarured and Zerofyne both snagged a spot in the top 16, and Akamarured was kind enough to verbalize some thoughts he had about the event as a whole, and then discuss with me some general thoughts about the state of the game. With the Shadowverse Contenders Cup on its way, there is a lot to be discussed.

Akamarured was very proud of his play overall; the games he had lost were very close, and he managed to conquer many losing matchups where his deck had the disadvantage. Given the overall strength of aggro Forestcraft, Akamarured always opted to priority ban it. The game isn’t as stressful when you don’t have to play around the insane amounts of offensive options that forest provides.

(It’s interesting to note that once the format rotates, and “Wonderland of Dreams” is no longer usable in rotation… there will be relief from staple forest pressure, in the forms of “Fairy Driver” and “Wood of Brambles” - two of the most oppressive cards that the craft has seen.)

Portalcraft/Silva was another difficult matchup, but a difficult matchup that would inevitably be confronted. All but ONE player in top 16 didn’t bring Portalcraft - the deck can consistently set up its late-game win conditions (while having perhaps the strongest late game win condition), making it a force to be reckoned with and a staple for many.

While many believe Portalcraft is the best deck in the format, Akamarured actually believes that aggro Forestcraft is the current strongest; during our conversation, he explained that

As of now the strongest class is Forest by far due to its flexibility in deckbuilding as well as having very powerful tempo options in Metera and Rayne, and powerful finishers in Elf Song, Axeman and Fairy driver. These powerhouses give Forest good matchups across the meta.”

The versatility that he describes is what makes it such a high-level threat. Forestcraft may have the best matchup against Portalcraft in our current metagame. That being said, almost half of Montreal’s top 16 (7 out of 16) opted out of bringing Forestcraft to the event. The deck is known to struggle in disadvantag, and has a narrower potential curve, but it’s just so explosive when it finds that curve. The reward absolutely outweighs the risk, as long as the player is conserving their offensive resources. First and second place brought both - Portalcraft and Forestcraft.

I had asked Akamarured how he plans to prepare for Contenders Cup and other anticipated Shadowverse events, he said:

“Studying the new cards is essential as well as practicing games outside of the client since there are no cards released in it. We've been building decks and playing with them. Since the Wild Card tournament and contender's cup will be on The Omen of the Ten set, that's the most I can do for now.”

The man lives and breathes Shadowverse. To play this game at the highest level, you always have to be stimulating your brain with more Shadowverse. As metagame trends change, a new expansion is released, and more creative minds are trying to become the greatest, you can’t fall behind! The same knowledge is accessible to everyone, so become familiar.

This current rotation format was explored and optimized to its end. Now the game’s new expansion, Omen of the Ten,  is on the horizon and the format will change drastically. Cygames positioned this release so well, and continues to market/provide for their events like no other. The gamestate is very healthy and will only get healthier.

Stay Tuned,