Defend The North 2017: SFV, BBCF, GGXrd, IJ2

Defend The North took over the Crowne Plaza for its third year the weekend of July 28-30. The New York tournament boasted high level competition in a variety of FGC titles, and was included as part of the Capcom Pro Tour as well as the Injustice Pro Series.

Street Fighter V

Punk displayed his usual prowess throughout the weekend, easily making his way to Winners Finals after defeating Smug [3-0]. However, things took a turn when he met with iDom’s Laura. Finding himself on the Losers side, Punk made his way back to the Grand Finals and a rematch with iDom that went the same way as the first -- sending The Alpha home with 2nd place.

BlazBlue Central Fiction

SuperKawaiiDesu was feeling himself this past weekend, maintaining his dominance throughout the event. Without so much as a hiccup, he made all the way to the Grand Finals where he closed out his set against Grover [3-2] and took home the trophy.

Guilty Gear Xrd

MarlinPie was less fortunate, finding himself on the Losers side after dropping a set to LostSoul [0-2] in pools. Despite the tough road ahead of him, Marlin made it back to the Grand Finals for a rematch. He reset the bracket [3-0], and was poised to steal first place from the Elphelt player. However, despite taking the second set to the last game, last hit, our Panda had to settle for 2nd place [2-3]

Injustice 2

Hayatei took down Dragon [3-2] for a spot on the Winners side of Top 8, only to run into some trouble in his first round vs Gross [1-3]. In Losers he met with Circa’s Forever King who ended his tournament run in 5th place [1-3]

Meanwhile, fellow Panda Coach Steve ended up placing 9th after losing to the same players as Hayatei: Falling to Gross [0-3] in pools, then Forever King [1-3].